Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Greetings

Okay, yes I have been absent from the world of blogging for a while now, mainly due to some health issues which are hopefully now under control. But since this year is drawing to a close I thought I'd put up a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year type entry,, drink (since I can't), be merry and save me some chocolate!....And Cake....And mince pies.....And stollen.....actually don't eat just save it for me!

P.S check out the dancing elf Ally I made:

P.P.S to be fair I've seen Ally dance and the elf is better, ;-)

P.P.P S (if you can do that) Here's one of Natty too, it's like she never left:

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More ADB stuff (that's A Dog's Breakfast to the common folk)

Right further to the most exciting news the other day on MGM taking up the rights for ADB and then the release, of sorts, of a trailer for the film, there's now a review and more photos as well as, get this, a game. I warn you this game is very addictive and it took many, many attempts to get the score of 1426.1. Here's the link if you have nothing better to do:

Also the review of the film is worth a read if you a.) want to know what the heck I've been bashing on about in the last few posts and b.).....okay I can't remember what my 'b' point was going to, ahem, be....but just read up on ADB and fingers crossed that a release (either on DVD on in the cinema) is coming soon. I hope it is coming soon because I want to write an essay about the promotion of and the film itself....if I can work it into next semesters subject matter that is. Still, it has been know of me to use completely off reading/screening list material in the past, which gets much frownage and puzzlement from my lecturers until I argue my case convincingly. This all depends on whether the film gets a release asap of course, but I can get enthused until I know one way or the other.'s the link to the review:

Monday, December 04, 2006

A Dog's Breakfast - The Trailer

Ooooo....this is hugely funny and creates an air of excitment of which I haven't falt about a film in many a pressure!

Does that fact that we now have a trailer mean that a release in imminent....oh, I really hope so.

The trailer alone actually made me laugh out loud which, considering the day that I just had, is an amazing feat so kudos to Mr DH. (who by the way screams like a big girls blouse!)

Friday, December 01, 2006

A Dog's Breakfast...Some Exciting News

So, the Canadian film (written, directed by and starring David there no end to this mans' talent?) which I've been rattling on about for some time has been picked up by a distributor (MGM). Which hopefully means a release is coming soon. So Yay! But at the same time shhh....because it's not official until Monday apparently.
More news as and when I, sneakily, find out.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Coming Soon to a Cinema near you....

I just remembered that when I went to see Pan's Labyrinth the other day, there were a couple of ever so slightly disturbing trailers....I don't mean disturbing as in the content (well Okay, in a way I do) but I mean it's disturbing that these films were even made.

Now I've only seen the trailers so this is obviously just my own humble opinion, but to be fair the trailers alone were enough to make me want to run a mile.

Firstly there was a film entitled Flags of Our Fathers....from the title you may realise where I'm going with this, but I'll give you a hint.....we're talking an American made film about a significant/world changing (and probably history changing knowing the American film industry) event during WWII.

The flag in question, what else but, the Star Spangled particular, the one in a picture showing a bunch of American marines rising it after a particularly nasty battle towards the end of WWII. Which was then turned into a Pulitzer prize winning photograph. So, as far as the film is concerned, we can expect some stirring visuals and special effects, topical, patriotic and politically motivated themes, with a touch of the schmaltzy to tug at the heartstrings.....excuse me while I just go to find a quiet corner to barf in.

The second film seems equally disturbing and was called Black Christmas....Ooooh, I'm scared. A remake of a 1974 slasher flick of the same name (why oh why do they keep attempting to cash in on nostalgia, is Hollywood seriously that strapped for ideas...grrrr.) The trailer starts off with plenty of, oh so, pretty christmassy imagery; fluttering snow, a traditionally decorated house and tree, icicles, a sweet little Santa decoration.....juxtaposed with the tag sequences of: 'On the 25th day, of the 12th month, one man will creep around your house, and leave.......NO ONE ALIVE.... flashes of red and slash marks appear across the screen and a big boobed girl screams, (Okay, that's a little bit of an assumption there on my part, I may have been a man)......BLACK CHRISTMAS....The Ultimate Slay Ride.....CHRISTMAS 2006.

Oh dear mother of God why? Too many words of contempt, I don't even know where to begin. It will probably be a cult hit...which is unfortunate since the 1974 version already is one.

A comment on the ever dependable IMDB website says that, and I quote, "This is the worst film I have seen all year. It is worse than the Wicker Man remake." I personally think the guy is lying, surely nothing could be worse that the remake of the Wicker Man...I am not prepared, however, to sit through the 84 minutes of Black Christmas (2006) just to test this theory.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Coca-Cola Holidays Are Comin'

Here's my favourite Christmas advert of all time....don't it make ya feel all warm and fuzzy inside (albeit a little thirsty....oh wait I just got it)

Coca-Cola Christmas 2006

It's aabout 25% American and 75% soppy, but who can deny that coca-cola make a feel good christmas advert.

Pan's Labyrinth

I took a wander this afternoon and felt myself pulled towards the local (and yet at the same time oh so far away Odeon)'s like a comfort blanket. I wasn't sure which kind of mood I was in and there was a fleeting moment that I was about to cave, to an easy and undemanding viewing experience, and watch Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny....I could indeed use a laugh. That film however was minutes away from starting and every person in front of me in the queue seemed to be opting for that particular flick. I wasn't so much in the mood for being surrounded by people with popcorn, nachos, ice cream and other extortionately priced junk items with ludicrous noisy packaging, so I decided upon the Mexican/Spanish fantasy Pan's Labyrinth.

I'm certainly glad I did. It inevitably won't be to everybody's taste, some people may balk at the idea of having to read subtitles (shoot me down for even suggesting it), others may have problems with some of the visuals (which were occasionally bloody and squirmy viewing)....but I was enthralled by the mixture of civil war story/dreamlike fantasy.

There was some great special effects (which were not over used, a pet hate of mine in many modern films) and there was an enchanting mix of Alice in Wonderland, Grimms fairy tales, many of Roald Dahl books and an ending reminiscent of The Water Babies ( that's not the film but the book, which had an altogether darker tone to the story). The overall look and themes of the film were interestingly dark (and at times a tad 'hide behind the couch scary', see pic), though anyone familiar with director Guillermo Del Toro's The Devil's Backbone should appreciate this reasoning.

If you do fancy giving this film a go, and I heartily recommend that you do, watch it with an open mind and you won't leave disappointed. Seriously, you've got rebellion exchanges with a mightily nasty military captain juxtaposed with a lonely young girls quest to find an enchanted underground kingdom....what's not to like?

Alternatively you could also choose to spend your 6 quid on The Santa Clause 3, or perhaps Jackass the Movie 2......though you will go straight to hell for having a particularly crap and misguided perception of what makes good cinema!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Plus Side to Insomnia

If there is one, I guess it's the stuff which happens when the majority are tucked up and snugglesome in the land of nod. I, however, was watching the sunrise this morning.....exhibit A and B.

Watch Out....Here Be Spoilers!

The weathermen were doing their American 'let's make everyone panic for no reason' style of forecasting the other night. Informing people on the south coast of heavy rain and gusty winds, the worst storm all year, baton down the hatches, don't journey except if completely necessary etc, etc...I personally think this is all Michael Fish's fault for getting the report wrong in '87, ever since then the forecasters have been overly cautious....anyhoo I digress.

Yes, it was indeed a tad damp and blowy but, to be honest, I'm sure there was a worse wind a couple of weeks ago when Ally ate one of Josh's curries. Mercury Point is still standing (more luck than judgement there I'd wager) and no witches were killed by falling houses so for all their fancy gadgets, tech, charts and know how the weather people got it wrong.....again.

Now, to something more interesting.....and a warning for Josh....SPOILERS FOR JAMES BOND & STARGATE: peeking beyond the photo's.

Firstly, I went to see Casino Royale the other day and as I'd predicted you should never judge a book by it's cover...Daniel Craig makes, a very different but yet, outstanding James Bond.

All the elements of a typical Bond movie were present; explosive stunts, glamorous stars/ starlets, stunning locations, gun play, word play, card play and fore play....and yet there was a whole new level brought in to Bond, as a film and as a character, which will be interesting to see develop for however long Daniel Craig is contracted.....Speaking of contracts, I do hope an 'emerging from water wearing very tight swimming trunks clause' has been written into Mr. DC's for the next few movies! I needed a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy ice cream to cool down after that scene....phew!

So, that was James Bond....I was well impressed, so therefore it must be good.

Now, Stargate: much for six months, thankfully. That wonderful Country resting above the US of A (and for those of you not geographically minded, I'm referring to Canada) decided to not keep the SGA fans in suspense a moment longer and aired the next part of series 4 a few days ago. I just got caught up this evening and can once again start driving Josh crazy with the inside knowledge I have......*wrings hands in a devious fashion.*

The episode was not actually the greatest of all time, we didn't see any big battle, large or even little fight scenes between the Ancients and the Replicators, which was a shame, and there's something just not right about Jack O'Neill and Woolsey being in Atlantis (even though the banter between the two was entertaining). This however was made up for with Sheppard and McKay's Plan A, McKay's Plan B, or was that F and Ronan's Plan C.....oh, and the underwater jumperbay, I was wondering when something like that was going to show up....The city's floating on a massive ocean people and there's no boats or subs? c' mon!!

Best line of the episode has to go to Ronon who, after listening to a lengthy and rapid exposition piece about weapon capability against the Replicators (delivered by the ever capable and brilliant Mr. David Hewlett aka McKay) simply looks to Sheppard and says....'What'd he say?'....highly gigglesome, to me at least.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Poxy Mercury Point Fire Alarm!

Well, mine's been a mixed bag recently...high, low, high, low, low, low.....and so sleep is becoming problematic, concentration a luxury etc. Anyhoo, this morning was fun (after a fashion)...I'd been up till stupid o'clock working on script stuff and had an appointment with my script supervisor at 11.15am. I settled down to get an hours kip, setting my alarm for 10.20am. The poxy tester fire alarm, which should only go off every other week and that was last week, was sounded at 10am, confusing the heck out of me, who thought it was her own alarm going off andso, in bleary-eyed wisdom, switched it off.....Doh!

I was all snugly and sleepified for another 45 mins before I realised what I'd done, shot out of bed and nearly ran out of the flat still in my PJ's. Got just about enough wits together to throw on a form identifiable to that of an outfit and odd socks before hoofing it to uni. I made it with 3 mins to spare, a personal record.

The good part was, as I was explaining my script stuff, Mark (tutor) was very positive about my ideas, dare I say he actually likes it and says there's a market for this kind of story at the moment....hmm, a script by Emma Kidd....I dunno, personally I think I need a cooler sounding pen name, Emma Kidd doesn't have much of a starry ring to it if you ask me...feel free to make (non-dirty, or sweary) suggestions.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Road Trip!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

At 17:00 hours, November 19th 2006, you will obtain a vehicle from outside Club Mercury, Southampton and drive immediately to Blandford Camp, Blandford (approx 30 miles). You will deliver a V.I. package to Lance Corporal (changed due to issues of national security), codename: 'the pleb who forgot his hat' at this location. Your task should take no longer than one hour to prevent an unfortunate, uncomfortable and undisclosed penalty befalling said member of the British Armed Forces.

Your team will consist of:

Elin 'Schumacher' Hughes (designation: the Driver),
Alison 'Fillum' Walllis (designation: fuel consumption supervisor and communications expert)
Betty (designation: the car)......

This message will self destruct in 2.5 Millennia.

Memo to team:

Stoppages during the return journey will incur the penalty of complete consumption of the emergency sugar rations (aka the Maltesers) by the leader and co-ordinator of the mission: Emma 'the almighty' Kidd.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Way Too Much Time on my Hands!

You scored as Rodney McKay.

Rodney McKay


John Sheppard


Carson Beckett


Maijor Lorne


Steve the Wraith


Ronon Dex


Radek Zelenka


Who would your Stargate: Atlantis boyfriend be?
created with

So the result was about as predictable as an episode of Eastenders and also slightly confusing when you compare it to the previous results, but what is more worrying is that there's an 25% compatibility with Steve the Wraith! that's just a might unsettlin'

Biggest Dose of 'No Surprise There'

You scored as Rodney. You are Rodney McKay, and while you tend to be a little full of yourself, there is no question you are a good man with a good heart. You would lay down you life for someone else, even those you are afraid to.













Which Stargate Atlantis Charcter are you Most Like
created with

Well we all realised this I sposed...and 92% too, should I be worried?...nah, tied with Carson though so I guess I'm not a complete lost cause yet then.

Domino Day 2006

Apparently the immensely entertaining world of competitive domino toppling is alive and well over in Holland. Channel Five (Seriously who else would televise it) showed an hour long programme dedicated to the world record attempt of the most dominoes felled; creating such classic themed patterns as 1920's slapstick characters, 60's Hippies chic and Retro 70's Disco complete with a 1.5m mirror ball.

Who knew that the realm of dominoes (popularised in the 1980's thanks to Record Breakers and Roy 'the legend' Castle) could be so exciting. The challenge was to fell over 4 million of the little coloured bricks in a game show style format using contestants from the audience to set up the last few bricks against the clock......providing a whole 'will they/won't they', heart in your mouth, 'If they knock one over they're buggered' kind of viewing experience.

If you wish to have a go yourself the record to break is 4,079,381 domino bricks, a piano, a mirror ball and a 1965 Volkswagen minivan......The record hasn't been held by the UK since 1979 which suggests either us Brits don't have the concentration, patience, steadiness of hand or the sheer tenacity of our Netherlandic counterparts, or that the people of our little green isle actually have a life.

P.S. It's worth noting that last years world record attempt named, funnily enough, Domino Day 2005, was tinged with a certain amount of controversy when a renegade, saboteur sparrow went on the rampage within the studio knocking over 23,000 dominoes before being cornered and shot.....A stern warning for those contemplating mischief at subsequent world record attempts me thinks!

Friday, November 17, 2006

God is Watching....Quick Look Busy!

Lovely weather today...glad I live on the 13th floor...even the ducks are panicking. Last night I was watching This Life with Ally when a couple of flashes of lightning occurred outside. Then as we looked out the window a bolt hit the ground just outside the window, shook the building and gave an almighty bang almost instantaneously....scaring the bejesus out of the pair of us. It was really cool!!

I'm surprised the bolt hit the ground, considering that the block of flats we live in is the highest building in Southampton. Mum always used to tell us kids to switch off and unplug everything electrical during a thunderstorm for the reason that if the house got hit all the appliances would blow retrospect this is probably the main reason that storms used to scare the crap out of me as a small child....thanks for that mum. Still the bolt missed us...more luck than anything and no appliances were sacrificed.

So...back to This Life...I watched this drama when it aired ten years ago and had forgotten just how good it is. So it is with much excitement that the reason that it is being repeated now is that a brand new reunion episode is to be shown at Christmas...I'm actually quite excited. The one thing which I remember the most about the series is the most fantastic and unladylike punch which Milly bestowed on some poor, and yet oh so deserving, woman right at the end of the run....absolute legend.
And lastly...I am oh so very jealous, as the advanced screening and Q & A session of A Dog's Breakfast has taken place in LA......without me, bloody cheek! I can only hope that TPTB do the same in London ASAP!

P.S. I have just realised it's Children in Need tonight......that explains the dreadful television plus rain coming down in stair rods equals hilarious system errors and equipment malfunctions.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Music for the Deaf

I really do have too much time on my hands and really have to stop posting random videos....but this is very funny.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Urban Sprinting

Just because it's belly laugh funny! for people not copying, well that's just like a red rag to a bull really isn't it!

Just For Josh

Since he asked oh so nicely, and I quote "Cinefantastic.....What the hell is that?" and to prove that I pay attention in class, or not as the case may be.....ahem...Cinefantastic explores films of a Science Fiction/ Fantasy genre in terms of the way they construct imaginary cinemascapes; engage audiences with spectacle and a suspension of disbelief; Utopian/Dystopian visions and fantasies of existing or potential worlds.....or to put it another way " The real is no longer that of dream or of fantasy or a beyond or a within, it is that of hallucinatory resemblance of the real with itself."

Glad I could clear that up for's obviously all perfectly understandable now isn't it.


I forgot to mention that the squaddies were back for a visit over the weekend.........well one squaddie and Nige....Badum bum chish! (apparently there was much drinking and drunkenness, the empty bottles in the kitchen support this theory.....I'm waiting for the photographic evidence!)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Days Like These

Uni was almost worth getting out of bed at stupid o'clock (aka 8.15am) this morning. The optional unit I am taking is Cinefantastic and today we were looking at the 'Alien Messiah'. Some of you may think this sounds a tad boring, a bit on the preachy side even, but let me stop you right there by saying we had to watch and discuss Batman Returns, and other such related Superhero gumpf.

The seminar started out as academic as you can make a discussion about Superheroes....Representations of the God like figure, protectors of society, saviours of humanity from our own technological advances and other such potential essay type material. Ultimately however conversation soon turned to 'who would win in a fight between Superman vs. Batman?' and the traits, special powers, skills and technology of the ultimate superhero.....the particular favourite of the class was the 'Mime Artists' who have the ability to make whatever they mime a reality (eg trapping villains in an actual glass box...genius!). They originate from the deep dark jungles of France(?).....Sounds like a comic book winner to me, and also that the guys who came up with the idea, perhaps, have played one too many games of WoW. (if your not already in the know, you probably don't want to be.)

A second highlight of this particular lesson was the fact that I could relate much of what was being said to the best Sci-Fi show on the telly (imo)....Stargate: Atlantis. Conversation was turning to Alien technology and advancements used (and mis-used) by humans and ascended beings, seriously where else am I supposed to go with that.

In other news...I popped home for the weekend. The folks came to Southampton to take me and my flatmates out to lunch last Friday and I just kinda hitched a lift home, mainly for me to get my washing done on the 'cheap' I mean free...and by 'me' I mean good'ole dependable mum.

While at home I tried my hand at Racket ball, which I haven't done in donkeys. The following morning, however, this was made pretty dammed evident. I have discovered muscles which I never knew existed and, to be perfectly honest, I really think have no other purpose than to irritate those of a less athletic persuasion than most. Two days later and I'm still hobbling around as if I were a geriatric who's had their zimmer frame nicked by the local chav army. Personally, I think it was because I failed to warm down properly...yup, that was it....most definitely.....the warming down thing....absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I spend the majority of my time sat on my butt.

I am currently exercising this particular muscle in the more traditional fashion as I settle in to watch the British Sci-Fi night on BBC Four. A whole evening dedicated to the world of British Sci-Fi stories and TV programmes...sounds like TV heaven to a Bognorian/Martian, Sci-Fi television, geek like me....maybe the license was worth it after all.

Monday, November 06, 2006

If You Squint You Can See Me!

Can I just say...How cool was Torchwood last night. Shame it wasn't on last week because it was a perfect example of Technophobia which was what my hosted seminar was all about, oh well better luck next time. Anyway the episode rocked, plenty of action and a fight between a Cyberwoman and a Terra there's something you don't see everyday.

Speaking of not seeing, did you get a load of the fog last night (did you see what I did there) Us students are simple folk and therefore hours of fun can be had with the most simplistic of tools....aka some thick fog and a couple of torches. Like I say hours of fun!! Anyone nearby must have thought we were trying to land planes or create our own lighthouse from the 13th floor.

Oh and finally...the winner of the 'Ya think!' award goes to the news report about Saddam Hussein being sentenced to hang...anyone who didn't see that one coming needs to run full speed into my stationary hand as I slap them upside the head.

Why Kid's Show's Were Better in the 80's

Everyone remembers Rainbow.....the catchy theme tune, the cute little puppets, singing educational songs and generally all round wholesome family entertainment right? Well watch the clip and remember this is an actual episode from way back in the 80's!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Did he REALLY do that?!

Another clip from the same film and can I just say.....I really hope that he switched the toothbrush there because otherwise....ewww!!!

A Dog's Breakfast Sneak Peak

I have been meaning to post this for ages. It's a clip from a new, and forthcoming, film called A Dog's Breakfast. A film which I hope will make the rounds at a cinema somewhere near me as it looks really funny. And yes that is the guy who plays McKay in Atlantis, what can I say I'm obsessed....but then you already knew that.

Remember, Remember...

WWIII is currently taking place outside my window which is pleasant when one is trying to relax watching an evenings TV. By WWIII I naturally mean that wonderful time of year which is Guy Fawkes night. The only fireworks that Joe public manage to find of course are the atrocious things which just flash/bang at stupid o'clock, or even better those whistling things....bah humbug.

There was of course the official effort from Southampton and, while the 'kids' forked out £3 a head to go to the fair and fireworks at Mayflower park in the cold, I just watched the whole thing for free in the warmth of the flat. Oh the joys of the thirteenth floor. The pics are the best I can do with a digital camera, through a double glazed window with no proper night filter thingy.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quaker for the 21st Century

The video in the last post was because I had just figured out how to post vids from youTube and got all excited. I loved Muppet Babies when I was a kid, still do if truth be known, especially Animal....They should really bring back the Muppets, way better than the Strictly Come X-Factor tripe served up every weekend vaguely disguised as family entertainment.

Much hilarity was had by all the other night whilst watching an ad break, of all things. There's a quaint advert for Quaker porridge oats featuring a character from a classic children's show from the 70's, Windy Miller. The ad's are a little bit more risque than the original format but are very funny. This particular ad features a friend of Windy's who's come to visit from Scandinavian and sporting an altogether different style of dress code. After some strategic product placement, as to not offend young eyes, there was a slight unintentional (though I would suggest it was completely intentional) lapse and us eagle eyed students took pleasure in pointing out the apparent great attention in detail of an extra bit of plasticine.

A few days later a report in the daily Mirror indicated that this had been noticed by people other than students with way too much time on their hands.

Friday, November 03, 2006

muppet babies

Eee Gads!

I don't think I really have to make any comment here do I?

Who Left the Fridge Door Open?

Bit chuffing cold today....that's the thing with the weather in this country, fair and reasonable one minute and then, like the flick of a switch, it's like the bloomin' Arctic (okay, so the Arctic may be a tad of an exaggeration but it was a bit nippy and they're talking frost and stuff over the next few days so I'm not impressed). And you don't even have a chance to acclimatize or anything; t-shirts one minute...thermal undies the's a might unsettlin'. I'm only moaning because, personally, I was still hoping for an Indian summer.....any day now. (yes, I know I'm in my only little world, but if that's the case I think it's only right that I should be able to pick the weather!)

Nige put in a very short notice appearance last night with several squaddie mates, so another late night was had by all. I'm definitely getting to old for this malarkey and I wasn't even drinking, which is a hint towards my general dilapidation and crapness because of age. Then again it wasn't a total loss (I refer you to three key words in the first sentence of the paragraph.....and in case you missed it that was 'several squaddie mates')

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No More Deadlines (for now anyhoo)

Ah there's nothing like the feeling that you get when you get past another deadline...especially when said deadline is running another seminar. I'm not really the best person when it comes to the whole public speaking thing, my mind has a tendency to go completely blank when trying to form the simplest of sentences and I like to read from a prepared speech when at all possible....this also poses it's own problems, however, as I have a tendency to use lots of very big words. This sounds great when you read them in your head, but turn into the worst tongue twisters when your actually try to vocalise them...doh!

Anyway the seminar went well, plenty of discussion as opposed to last tues because certain individuals were absent from this particular group. I managed to find plenty of visuals for the power point too....visuals are good because (in my little world) if people are paying attention to the pretty pictures they're perhaps less inclined to be hanging on my every word and therefore my nerves are less likely to be shot to pieces. I did however get a little carried away on the picture front, my weekend was predominantly spent searching google images for a very particular screencap from Superman III; of one of the baddies being turned into a robot, an image that is ingrained into my inner psyche after scaring the bejesus out of me whilst watching the film as a young child.

Spent yesterday in bed most of the day after having a particularly nasty migraine, I really hate those things. Still I managed to sleep it off and was well enough by the evening to take part in our Halloween do. This basically involved dressing silly, decorating the flat with fake plastic webs and pumpkins and copious amounts of cheap alcohol. It was all good fun and the twister put in an appearance at one point, which means i don't have to go to the gym today (I failed miserably in every round, though Elin biting me on the bum was a tad off we were ever that flexible is beyond me).

I finally got to sleep somewhen around 5am and have spent most of the day today mooching around the flat in my PJ's. I used to be able to stay up until stupid o'clock and get up at a reasonable time the next day still full of beans, and what about when you were a kid and would get up on the weekend for the cartoons at 7am. Today I'm absolutely knackered and, as my brain has limited functionality, the only thing productive that could be achieved today was to work through the next four episodes (13-16) of Stargate: Atlantis with Josh.....It's like a public service.

Urgh, have just noticed that it's dark outside and it's a little after 5.30pm....I hate this time of year....I need sunlight else I get grumpy!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Little Liar

Okay so I fibbed a little earlier...I didn't exactly go straight into study mode after I made my last entry...I was doing laundry (which has gone up to £2 a wash and 50p per 30 mins to dry....bah humbug!) and I wasn't really in the mood for some heavy going study.

I did however go to the gym for an hour and a half session (I expect a round of applause) and, get this, walked up the stairs once I got back to Mercury point...That'ss 13 floors people!!!

Here's to a night vegged in front of the TV while every muscle in my body seizes into something resembling a stick of toffee left in the fridge/freezer! ( and I may accost young Josh for the volumes of Stargate: Atlantis I know he has in his room)

P.S. The Price is Right is on ITV 1...When the heck did they bring that back....I must say Joe Pasquale is a genius choice for presenter.

Stress Levels!!!

It's been a tough old week this one. This whole year 3 thing is bloody hard work don't you know. If I hadn't actually been applying myself over the last two years I would have gone completely loopy by now that's for sure.

Anyhoo I've had a couple of big deadlines this week, I have another Monday morning but it's all under control and as I'm waiting for laundry I thought I'd update on here before I get into study mode yet again. So the first deadline was a seminar I had to take with Alison and Henriette on the Danish series Kingdom and it's American counterpart Kingdom Hospital. We'd been preparing for this over the last two weeks which involved watching both of the series several times (that's at least 20 hours of television) and doing tons of research so that we knew are subject matter inside out. We've done presentations before but never been in charge of an entire seminar, which is a nerve wrecking feeling as it is without knowing that your lecturer is sitting in marking your performance...And I might add without a select group of people, who are supposed to be adults, acting like your average five years olds. Long story short a mis communication/ act of bitching lead to a group of individuals who are usually very chatty in seminars sitting in completely silence even when asked a direct question by myself. Grrrrrrrrr. I succeeded in not rising to the bait and carried on with the seminar regardless, but I'm sure that my lecturer figured out something was amiss and I hope it didn't effect our grades. I feel sorry for Hen and Ali, later Ali told me that she was seconds from fleeing from the class in tears because of what these people were doing.....I was stunned by the childish behavior from the group of 21 year olds and have since taken a more 27 year old approach to clearing up matters...Mainly discussing what happened with each individual over a few drinks. They still seem to think that what they did is perfectly acceptable and I will certainly be very careful with what I say in future .

So, that was my rant....Also did I mention that the day of this incident I was as sick as a dog all morning and most of the afternoon and hadn't eaten a bean all day...Thinking about that the kiddies got off lightly because, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I can get a little bit testy when my blood sugar level drops...And by testy I mean glowing red eyes, set of horns and an a sudden impulse to jabbing people with a long, pointy fork.

The other pressure type thing this week was the hand in date of a lit review, which is kind of a list of the books I've been reading for my dissertation. You'd think it was really easy just to make a list of books....Surprisingly it isn't, you have to apply them to your research and do lots of other boring and involved stuff which I can't be bothered to go into. Still I got it down, but not before I changed my opinion of what I'd written at midnight the day before it was due and spent the next 8 hours re-writing the whole thing. Needless to say I was a little tired yesterday (I even turned down watching the next volume of Stargate: Atlantis with Josh!!) , still I managed to find the energy, during the day, to meet Ali for a discussion about the next seminar we have to take which is this coming Monday....argh!!

At least I have great flatmates....Ally, bless her, heard about my unfortunate day last Tues and bought me a new pair of slippers to cheer me up and I got the big, yellow duck for the night (it's kind of a snuggly cheer up device reserved for those who are ill or had a very bad day....It also needs a wash ASAP)

Not much more to report really, the stress levels are slowly returning to normal as after Monday there's no very important due dates imminent so I'll have a chance to crack on with dissertation and script stuff....As we say in the flat 'It's all good'.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lost Again

After catching up on recent events in the bizarre world of JJ Abrams and Lost, I am more convinced than ever before that the writers and the rest of TPTB are actually just making it up as they go along. It is the third season, for those who haven't given up or lost track, and episode three has just aired in the US. For those in the UK who have just about kept up with the last two seasons and were hoping that the finale hailed some kind of conclusion in at least one of the multiple storylines at the beginning of this season, I'm sorry to say no such luck.

It unfortunately appears that not only do the writers not seem to have a clue about where their own storylines are going and how the series is to end (please let it be sooner rather than later), but they have decided that perhaps bombarding the viewer with even more cryptic nonsense, pointlessly drawn out backstories and blatantly obvious and quite frankly diabolical wigs (which appeared to have been purchased as a job lot in your local 50p shop) will disguise the fact that this series is absolute rubbish.

Not a stitch on the most excellent, heart pumping, 'I can't believe they just did that', 'what the heck is going to happen next', drama which is Prison Break ( I couldn't believe what happened in the first episode of series two, which kind of means that anything can happen to pretty much anyone and after reaching episode 7 it really does!). Personally the baby blues of Wentworth Miller are the first and foremost reason for tuning into the show, so the immensely entertaining and engrossing storyline is a nice surprise really.

Seriously though, watch Prison Break, and if you haven't seen all or any of the first season (you know who you are) get off your butt and watch it already (UKTV Gold, Five and probably Five US will have repeats and if not that Blockbuster it or summit). Alternatively lend me £39.99 to buy the box set (Amazon) and then I'll lend it to you out of the goodness of my heart (at a smallprint surcharge of £50 an hour).

More exciting TV news, from the man who rescued Doctor Who from the dark depths of the beeb's basement comes the most awesome looking Torchwood (even if it is airing on BBC Three for the time being, while BBC One airs yet another period drama in the same timeslot....yawn). It starts with a double bill Sunday night and I admit I'm quite excited due to the talk of Buffy/Angel influences and a more adult themes. The clips and trailers flying around in recent weeks certainly look interesting (and by interesting I mean down right cool). Then again pretty much anything in the vain of sci-fi/monster/mystery/comedy/drama gets me all goosepimply. Not sure if the flatmates, friends and family are quite so appreciative of my immense excitability of all things in the above mentioned genre, but they will listen and learn, else their lives would be empty and meaningless and I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

Oh, in slightly different and yet similar vain of news, I'm sure you've heard that the most excellent BBC once series Life on Mars is to conclude by killing off the main character at the end of the second series (and if you hadn't heard sorry for the spoiler, but seriously where have you been). Anyhoo certain sources have mentioned the possibility of a spin off series set in the 80's with as many of the original characters as the Beeb can afford to muster...Including John Simm (Sam). Not sure what the conflicting reports mean exactly and the latter could be just hearsay, but I'm all for the whole rumour/plot bunnies type thing, so on with the hype.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Biggest Blog in the World

Okay, so, the BBC website reported that the historymatters website is asking for everyone to write a blog of what you did on the 17th Oct 2006. The idea is to create the biggest blog ever which will then be stored in an archive, somewhere, in Britain....go to the website for the's late and I'm very tired and I can't remember where it's to be stored exactly (I have visions of some geeky nerd with wall to wall computers and special cooling units who will use these blog entries for his own attempt at world domination......Hi Josh). I have written my entry and thought I would paste in straight into my own blog coz to be honest I'm just too tired to write anything witty or profound.

So without further ado:

My day started at 8.15am as I got up, ate a bowl of Shreddies and got ready for a full day of lectures at Southampton Solent University, where I study Film and Television.

It was a dark and misty day which made it a hard task to crawl out of bed and get enthused for the day ahead. The lecture started at 9am prompt and I held my focus for an hour while the lecturer talked about the director Pedro Almodovar and his influences from Classical Hollywood pictures.

After a ten minute break I settled down to watch the scheduled screening of the Spanish film 'All About My Mother' (A reference to the classic 'All About Eve') and I admit by about halfway through I had a little doze. This is little reflection on the quality of and interest in the film, but a general drowsiness from the cold I currently have.

Lunch was a working one. I ate my egg mayonnaise sandwich and Twix whilst discussing a plan for a seminar, I have to hold, with classmates on the television series 'Kingdom Hospital' in a weeks time.

After this brief recess I attended the seminar on the film we had watched earlier in the day. A discussion forum was held by a group of five visiting Spanish students and went on for nearly two hours.

I finished Uni at around 3pm after scheduling a meeting with a tutor and swinging by the library to discard the weight of books I have recently trawled through from my bag. (I see a deformed spine and crooked shoulder in my not too distant future)

Home, during term time, is a flat in the Ocean Village area of Southampton, shared with fellow students and a mere ten minutes walk from the Uni. I had little time to relax, however, as I had to photocopy two chapters from a book on 'British Television and American Culture', watch as much of the TV series 'Kingdom Hospital' as possible and write a list of books and their uses for a literary review and meeting with my tutor tomorrow morning, with regards to my dissertation.

At 5.30pm I left the flat to attend the Film Club, held at the Uni, and to watch the recently released film 'Brick'. After the screening we drank free wine and eloped to the local pub, The Fat Cat, for a free buffet dinner (consisting of the regular buffet fare of sausage rolls, chicken sarnies, chicken nuggets and the not so regular packets of haribo sweets) to discuss the film we had just watched. This turned into a rather more informal chat about life, the universe and everything.

I left the pub at around 10pm, returned to my flat and caught up on my flatmates' day before returning to my literary review which I completed in an hour. Finally, having some time to relax, I switched on the television to watch the repeated version of 'Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes' on the new channel 'Five US'. I intend to snuggle into bed when it finishes at a little after 1am. October 17th was a hectic day compared to regular daily student life.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Student Life 101

It has been an interesting last few days. The workload I have sounds slightly scary but I'm managing readings, appointments and due dates for the time being. I have constant pen notes on the back of my hand with meeting times, dates and places...As a student I naturally never have a pad of paper handy and I refuse to pay £6.99 for a half year diary when the back of my own hand does the job nicely, though I keep forgetting the notes are there and accidentally washing it off less than five minutes after writing it...doh!

So what have I been up to....well there's your standard lectures, screenings and seminars (I won't bore you with the subject detail, just imagine listening to lots of big words from various European theorists, trying to relate it to the film you've just watched and then trying to use said big words in a discussion). Then there's the above meetings, while I try to sort out dissertation stuff, script stuff, 'what the heck i'll do after uni' stuff.

Then there's the more social aspect of student life....I went to Film Club on Tuesday night, dragging along flatmate Ally and friend Elin with promises of free wine, to watch the Director's cut of The Wicker man. Man, that film is trippy and Christopher Lee has the most God awful wig, but I love the music and it's one of those films which, if you haven't seen it before, doesn't quite go where you expect it to. There was indeed free wine, which is always a bonus and in future there will be a free buffet at a local movie and food, what else could you possibly want on a Tuesday evening?

After the film the lasses and I paid a visit to the Uni bar...turns out it was one of the better decisions of the day since there was three live bands and a street type magician performing. Not your typical evening at the student union and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening....the next day however both Elin and I agreed that mixing wine with (in my case) Reef and (in Elin's case) Cider and black was, in retrospect, an error injudgmentt.

Back at the flat and it's never a dull moment, new flatmate Joe is a laugh and iniciated first contact with the workers in the office block opposite yesterday afternoon, getting an actual wave from three (obviously very bored) members of staff...'Geoff', for those in the know, is still in hiding on the eighth floor behind blinds....leading to much speculation on our part; ranging from illicit affairs with his secretary to 'Geoff's' ultimate demise (all hearsay and coming from the warped minds of procrastinating students).

We had a very chilled out evening yesterday; involving chat, pizza, more wine, Stargate: Atlantis and a bit of hairdressing from Ally at two in the morning. I'm now feathered, layered and straightened with a hair cut which was very much over due.

Today was back to you bog standard uni stuff, more appointments and meetings, including a meet with classmates to watch a Danish TV show which we have to hold a seminar about in two weeks. I also did my bit for the form of oodles of photocopying.

Much hilarity was had this afternoon when, while getting a ride to the ALDI supermarket with Elin, Ally and I spotted a group of poor little Chavs walking home from school. One girl in particular was sporting a very unfortunate choice in hair styles (mainly piling as much hair as possible to the top and one side of the girls' head). I pointed out the look and, shy, quiet, reserved, dinky, Welsh, Elin practically clawed down the window of the car to shout 'Oh my God, that's the ultimate of Chavness' at the group....I was glad the red light we were sitting at turned green shortly thereafter else things could have turned ugly (ier).

Sunday, October 08, 2006

All Quiet in Southampton........Is It Bollocks!

It, in case it had escaped your notice, is the 21st Century. The age of global and instantaneous communication in the form of e-mail, instant messaging, text messaging, mobile phones and various other easy and highly accessible devices.....So why, oh why, does a group of 8 University students decide that their only possible choice in getting the attention of their friend 'Rick' is to shout at the top of their lungs at ten past midnight outside our block of flats after apparently losing their keys. 'Rick', unlike the rest of the people here myself included, appears to be deaf as a post....And if said students continue to engage their mouths instead of, alcohol soaked, brains, I will testing out a, very non 21st Century, theory of just how long it takes for 2 litres of water to reach to ground from the thirteenth floor.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Uni's Not All Dossing and Procrastination....But it Helps

Less than a full week back at Uni and I'm already finding innovative, and not so much, ways to avoid doing what must be done. The to do list includes: reading one of the many books I have to study for a literary review in four weeks, a script pitch for tomorrow (I'm thinking I can pretty much blag it, since that's what the lecturers seem to do on a regular basis) and other such Uni related study is what I should be doing....washing up, introducing Josh to the fantastic Sci-Fi show which is Stargate: Atlantis (more of a public service that one) and, obviously, writing my blog is what I'm actually doing.

It's not all been procrastination however, I've actually been quite productive this week....I've had three, count them, T-H-R-E-E 9am a row I might add. (Well, strictly speaking one was 11am, but that was the first day back and it might'ave well been 9), I've had a meeting with my supervising lecturer to discuss a course of action with my final year dissertation (how and when meetings will take place, work expected from me, forthcoming deadlines...that kind of thing) year dissertation, how scary does that sound! I've also re-started my gym membership (and plan to go any day now), arranged an appointment to see the careers advisor, have checked out many books from the library (see reference in first paragraph)....oh and I have cut out some, more, dissertation related articles from newspaper and magazines. See, pro-duct-ive.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Need My Sci-Fi Fix

Being the sci-fi geek/addict that I am, and a particularly impatient one at that, I've just caught up on the latest episode of Stargate: Atlantis (the same show which I have been talking incessantly to my family about for about the last ten weeks...who really don't get/have no interest in what-so-ever).

What can I say the plots, love the dialogue (much of which highly self referring and has plenty of in-jokes and pop cultural references to keep a geek like me amused), love the character dynamics and acting (David Hewlett aka Dr. Rodney McKay tops the list....his eye acting alone should be given it's own award), love the special effects & set design (even if it's borrowed from SG:1) lighting and use of colour (there's an essay to be had there somewhere).

So it rather annoys me that I have discovered that there's a hiatus of 6 months...that's 6 MONTHS people! Who's stupid idea was that? The episode was, naturally, a two parter, which means I now have to wait 6 painstakingly slow and tedious months to find out if the SG:A team rescue the city, O'Neill, Woolsey and the Ancients from the human form of the replicators. (I know, the answer is of course blatantly obvious since there are a further 10 or so episodes to air...but I'm having a rant here). Where the heck am I going to find my Sci-Fi hit for the next 6 months?

To make matters worse I start back at Uni next week and have to put up with the few meager digital channels on offer, which don't include the Sci-Fi Channel or Sky One, both of which air repeats of SG:1 and SG:A....I can feel the cold shiver and sweats of withdrawal as we speak.

Furthermore, SG:A premieres in the UK in October (on Sky One) and the only break from airing episodes will probably be around Christmas time. With a 6 month break in the US, the second half of the series will start to air across the pond around April sometime, meaning the UK will have caught up somewhen in January with the episode which I have just watched, via LimeWire. Due to some kind of parallel Universe scheduling time travelling paradox, theoretically the UK will actually be airing the episodes before they debut in the US right? (I can only wish)......I think I have actually given myself brain damage thinking about that one.....but 6 MONTHS for cryin' out loud!!

Unique Use of the Icelandic Military

Proving that I'm not the only person currently with an unhealthy amount of time on my hands, I found a link to a video of an unusual event which happened in Reykjavik, Iceland earlier this month. It involves three helicoptors, a giant marionette and several, quite frankly, jittery looking locals.

In something reminiscent of a well known Roald Dahl story, the huge puppet 'wanders' along a main street in the city peering into windows on the top floor of buildings and in the last clip brings a bemused car driver to a screeching halt, while pedestrians make a hasty exit off the street.....well you would too if a three storey (and frankly creepy looking) puppet was heading in your direction on an otherwise normal and peaceful evening.

After a little googling I can find no information about the event, other than further links to the short videos, so I can only guess that it was some kind of festival event or 'art' project. Proving, once again, that the Iceland is a little off-kilter, eccentric and yet the source of some decidely unique entertainment.

I guess that all is quiet for the Iclandic military, or that some wealthy artist had a spare few bob lying around to hire the three choppers which were involved in moving the puppet around the streets....the mind boggles.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Wild Britain

Proving that the UK can be the center of weirdness a news report today mentioned that the great British countryside is becoming home for many animals usually associated with a more humid and pleasant climate. According to the report a survey has been carried out in which people have identified various beast from snakes, wallabies, penguins, raccoons and eagles to (and perhaps more worryingly) wild boar, scorpions, sharks, wolves and crocodiles! There has been nearly 6,000 official sightings of big cats across the UK and, probably the most odd, three Pandas....Pandas for crying out loud!

I obviously haven't been paying enough attention when I'm out on my travels, although we have a resident parrot in the local area and I once saw a possum cross the road coming home from the flicks one night.

Naturally a lot of these sightings are being associated with changing climate, higher temps in the UK, changing habitats...blah, blah, blah. So I'm guessing it has zilch to do with people having exotic animals as pets illegally and then releasing them into the wild before they get into trouble with the police then...coz that would be just crazy talk I spose.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Brain Surge/ Short Circuit

Whether it be too much cheese, lack of sleep or some suspect fumes emanating from within the hole I call my bedroom, I have been experiencing some unusual (mis) firings in my brain mainly surrounding the section in charge of memory.

It started with the image of a cartoon character printed on a badge which was part of a mass collection from my childhood. (It was the 80' playstations, iPods or gameboys...oh no...we had badge collections) Said badge was a headshot of a girl wearing a yellow hat with a red feather in a three musketeer style, on an orange background and the part which had my memory in headless chicken mode was that I recalled obtaining the badge as a freebie when I hired a video. By means of astounding observation I deduced that there may have been a connection between the badge and the video, and my neurotic brain was not going to let me rest until I'd figured it out.

The information my addled brain had released to me was beyond useless; the description of character in a cartoon film released somewhen between 1977-1985, possibly French dubbed, with not even one word of the title to work with....A lesser (or smarter) person would have cut their losses at this point, relegating the memory to the 'slightly annoying but completely unreachable goal' section (which is where all attempts of trigonometry have been shelved.) But I like a challenge...and have plenty of time on my hands.

Online forums can be a useful source for information....thousands of folk, each with specialist subject information which they are more thant willing to share at the drop of a hat. So first stop in the research was classickidstv forums, consisting of various misfits who in their childhood spent way too much time in front of the TV and, no doubt, have those square eyes that your mother was always warning you about.

Alas the info I could provide was too limited even for them and so I decided that the answer would be found if I could identify the character on the badge....which meant finding the badge amongst the 20 years of junk in the loft. A job then for good 'ol dad, who loves nothing more than crawling and clawing his way round the masses of bags and boxes in the elevated heat of the roof space area on a Sunday afternoon. The old boy did come through however, the process only taking a few minutes and causing me to wonder if his constant moaning about carrying out tasks in the loft space is slightly over exaggerated.

Delving through the box of badges was a trip down memory lane in itself...birthdays, holidays trips to Wimpy, local events and shoe fitting at Clarks...yes the retro accessory of a badge is a must for every occasion.....but I digress. With the discovery of the cartoon character badge came a breakthrough. It wasn't only a picture, there was also the words 'Princess' and 'Astra Video' which at last gave me something to work with.

Less than ten minutes after finding the badge I had a eureka moment: the cartoon was of a Japanese TV series which was made in 1967 (released in the UK on video in 1983) and called The Adventures of Choppy and the Princess (how I could forget that title I'll never know). And once I had the name of the cartoon there was no stopping me, finding links to detail synopsis of the series on Wikipedia (, a collection of screenshots (, the video intro, albeit in Japanese, on youtube ( and even the DVD at Play should you wish to purchase.

So, it was a series not a film, Japanese not French and initally I thought the picture on the badge was a boy not a girl....obviously my poor brain is being addled from mobile phone waves, but still Addled brain 1 'slightly annoying but completely unreachable goal' section of brain 0. In conclusion a very productive Sunday.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Golly Good Old Fashioned Family Fun, What

It's that time of year again....The annual gathering of hordes of villager folk at the seashore to observe a bunch of, ever so slightly, unhinged individuals throwing themselves off the town pier to the waves below, whilst dressed in a varying range of fancy dress. Usually accompanied by some type of craft (sea, air....And in one instance an inflatable pirate ship complete with palm tree). All in the name of charity. I speak, of course, of The Bognor Birdman Rally!!

Personally I haven't observed one of these for many a year...Possibly not since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Mainly because at this time of year (the event has to be organised at a time of extreme high tide...Because the pier is falling into the sea faster than Posh Spice buys new shoes) it's cold, wet and happening at a stupid o'clock in the morning. Today it was happily none of these things, as the summer has had a final burst of energy, and so I trundled on down for the entertainment.

It's certainly grown as an event since the last time I had a look. It's not just the people jumping off the pier anymore; with a fair, various entertainers on the street, live bands, open air bars, a BBQ and a big screen TV on the seafront for the many hundreds on onlookers....There was even an Ariel display from a stunt plane. You'd think it was Brighton or Bournemouth, not little 'ol Bognor, with the way they were all carrying on...Still that's progress I spose.

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Bit More Intrepid Exploring

I woke to a stupendously (people don't use that term enough) sunny day today, so I was quick to dust off the gathering cobwebs on my bike and hoof it out of town for another one of my 'oh so' Blyton esque adventures.

My pa had mentioned that a disused railway just outside of Chi had been turned into a foot/cycle path(somewhen in the distant past but only coming to my attention in the last 24hrs) which leads all the way to Lavant...and I love to find areas which are off road to venture onto, so it didn't take much to decide on the route.

With the wind in my hair and the, rather unfortunate, smell of fresh manure on the fields up my nostrils (in retrospect I was fortunate that the two weren't reversed), I set off with ham and cheese sarnies, a bottle of water, my Wilbur Smith book (which I should have finished weeks ago) and a map (yes I have lived in the area my entire life, but am still partial to getting stupidly lost on a regular basis) for my mini adventure.

I was pleasantly surprised that my body, which has been idle for that last four weeks, didn't adversely react to the sudden exposure to medium level strenuous exercise and it took me around an hour and a half to reach my chosen (and favourite) picnic spot at Kingley Vale. That's with a couple of water stops and yes...even with my map I went a little off route somewhere south of West Stoke ( I guess my internal compass was omitted upon my I'm lucky that I can make it to the bathroom and back without going terribly wrong on a daily basis really).

I had a lazy couple of hours vegged at the bottom of the hill in the sunshine, watching various walkers take on the very, very steep climb to the burial mounds at the top. I'm sure I could have informed them that there is in fact more than one route, and certainly more sedate ones at that, to get to the top....but then again that would have hindered my entertainment of watching four lads attempting to cycle and then walk with bikes up the hill, one losing his bike halfway up and having to start over....ah hours of fun! (Go straight to hell, do not pass go, do not collect £200...and so on)

On the journey home I discovered that the roads around our area could really use some resurfacing, couple this with the realisation of just how bony my ass is equals extra cushions on my chairs for the next couple of days....ah the joys of bicycle travel. I'm sure the rest of my body will let me know tomorrow just how ready it was for the twenty mile round there's something to look forward too.

An observation: there was a definite autumn nip in the air today which serves only to remind us of just how short our summer actually is in this country (bah humbug)....though on the plus side it's only 3 and a bit months till Christmas (silver lining and all that).

P.S. As Blooger seems to have a problem with me uploading photos at the moment (aka the last few weeks) you'll just have to use your imagination on the stunning scenery (and manure soaked fields).

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tip of the avoid a remake of Pyscho in your own shower, ensure extra care when breaking in a new razor whilst shaving legs. (I guess that makes four things I learnt this week...I'm on a roll and also now in need of a skin graft)

Learning Curve

After 27 years on this planet it's always nice to learn something new....This week I learnt two things:

1.) Carrots don't always have to come in orange, they can be yellow and purple too, multi-coloured carrots....Very 21st century and not genetic mutant carrots either since they were grown in my fathers allotment.

2.) When your slightly geriatric father loses his balance, whilst standing at a grass verge picking blackberries, he will always try to take you with him!( the operative word there is try!!)

Oh have just realized there's a 3, so....

3.) Baywatch is cheesier than a variety cheese basket from a vicarage summer fete in Cheddar gorge! (and yet, as if I am a girl possessed, I seem unable to change the channel....There is no hope for me, just put me in the dictionary under lost cause!)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Triple Trouble

On a happier note an article in the Mirror today talked about a new dad who has been keeping a blog of the daily activities of his identicle triplet daughters. I read the article and laughed out loud at some of his comments, not being a parent or even around babies that much myself I obviously have all this to look forward to but the blog is entertaining in a 'Three men and a baby' in reverse kind of way. I'm putting the link in this post as the computer gremlin is hindering my efforts in figuring out such 'simple' tasks.

R.I.P. The Crocodile Hunter

I suppose it was inevitable really, a bit more of a case of when rather than if, but crazy lizard lover Steve Irwin was killed yesterday filming a documentary when he was pierced through the heart by the barbed tail of a stingray. Condolences to his friends and family.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cabin Fever

One thing is true I could be outdoors doing stuff instead of wyling away the days in front of the TV and laptop, moaning about the lack of decent summer schedule programming and the over use of the 'back to school at ASDA' advert ( if I hear the little darlings angelic rendition of a previously perfectly decent Queen tune I may actually explode). But I am going through my lazy period, many would suggest this has lasted the last dozen or so years, and so I reserve the right to sleep till noon, watch oodles of TV and then winge about the content....It's what I do.

There are a few exceptions to the pantsness of the summer schedules. I'm catching up on season 7 of Stargate SG:1 which I somehow missed completely when it aired originally, though not Fallen...Made sure I saw that one for the obvious Michael Shanks minus his kegs factor. Two and a Half men is also highly entertaining, the kid isn't the completely obnoxious norm so associated with such comedy skits and it's nice to see Charlie Sheen back in regular employment.

But as far as non repeats go the pickings are extremely slim....My daily dose of Home and Away (I know but I just can't stop myself, it's habit) not withstanding, Weeds on Sky One is perhaps the most interesting....It's about as dark as a dark comedy drama can go with the whole 'mother turns to drug dealing after husband dies' concept, but as it often veers dangerously towards the, some would say, controversial 'weed is good' vain and yet it somehow still maintains the moral highground with is superbly written scripts. Though it is shamefully short half an hour per episode.

There is a complete drowning of reality it the schedules which is both shameful on the programmers front and ignorant on the viewers' behalf for watching such unitelligent rubbish....It's just not engaging television in my opinion. And it's the reason that there's a lack of decent dramas and innovative shows in recent years, which is also probably the reason that Lost is oh so popular amongst everyone's brother's, mother's, aunt's, son-in-laws, best mate's, sister. Is there really a highly intelligent and all answering story arc or are they just making it up as they go along until it gets cancelled two or three years down the line when people finally give up. It's the 'grr arg' factor of modern TV.

So apart from Weeds and A Town Called Eureka (which I've followed the last few weeks, interesting concept but not completely blown away by) the shedules don't have anything fresh to offer....roll on the Autmn and the new seasons. By which time I'll be back at uni and without Sky so I won't be able to watch them anyway....bah humbug!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Stargate SG: Done

After ten years of wormhole travel to distant planets, technobabble monalogues, superb special effects, witty dialogue and Michael Shanks (technically nine years and a bit on the latter), Stargate SG:1 has been given it's marching orders by the Sci-Fi channel. It's a great shame really since there are many shows which are currently trying to find their feet in the tough world of the Sci-Fi genre (mostly failing, see Invasion) and yet this far established, smart and funny show has been axed, just as it was getting a whole new lease of life.

Yeah, so Richard Dean Anderson had left and two actors (Ben Browder and Claudia Black) were brought in to add a new dynamic, even though they're still ever so slightly Farscape esque for my liking...but that's beside the point. I have been watching the new series via Limewire( have I said lately what a fantastic thing Limewire is....lots and new and old shows no waiting and no adverts!!) and the whole evil asended Oari foe with links to an ancient Arturian legend is very interesting and the banter between Vala and Daniel Jackson is highly entertaining.

One of the best episodes has to be the recent 200th edition. It was essentially a clip show but with a difference, and had me splitting my sides the whole way through with it's nods to similar genre shows, self aware references and fan recognition as well as the parody segments ( the highlight of which has to be either the Farscape or Team America rips...Richard Dean Anderson as a puppet, television gold!). How the powers that be think that this show no longer has a future is beyond me, especially with writers and directors such as the DeLuise clan....any episode by them is TV genius. I guess the likes of Lost and 24 are seen as the future of TV (struggle to see it myself but, enuh, i guess i'm just a minority viewer). At least Staragte Atlantis has been renewed for a 4th season and word on the grapevine is that Stargate SG:1 may continue is some other form (astro-projectional cerebral mind probes perhaps) so here's hoping.

In other news poor old Pulto has been demoted to a dwarf planet rather than an actual planet due to it's orbit, size, mass and other such scientific nonesense...utter pish if you ask me and i'm guessing the brains weren't thinking of the greater ramifacations here: The hundreds of Mystic Megs who advise on the influence of Pluto over Uranus who have apparently been talking out of their arse for years...who knew?

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm Bored...Thank F**k for the Internet

Yeah so being a student is great and all that...Decent hours, interesting social events, nice people and a 3 month summer break. I tried to obtain some work for some spare cash, but when the heatwave kicked in I thought 'Nah'. So here I am halfway through the holidays with no money and in the grand tradition of British summer the weather has taken a turn for the depressing. It's August so one would assume hot and sunny, but what that actually translate to is wet, cloudy and several degrees lower than what I prefer. Even the weathermen are at it again.

Yesterday I was assured by the trusted fella at the BBC that the cloudy weather would clear by mid morning to give way to glorious clear skies and a respectable temperature of 24 degrees. Great I thought, I can get back on my bike and explore another local route and re-top-up my tan which I'm sure has been flaggin in recent days.

So I wake up at 9.30am eager to get out of the house, fresh air and countryside awaiting...I opened my curtains and what greeted me was a little different to the previous nights forecast...okay it was a lot different...grey skies, a stiff breeze and rain!! The weather girl on Channel five at midday even had the gall to say that the southcoast was enjoying another glorious day with unbroken sunshine and temps into the mid 20's?!? Which leaves me to conclude that she's either a.) blind, b.) deluded or c.) pre-recorded.

Due to the bad conditions and lack of me getting sunshine my hap-o-metre is on the decline, that and the fact that all three of my aunts forgot my birthday this year family eh? though I did have a bit of a DVD-a-thon which i haven't done in ages; randomly getting through Mr. & Mrs. Smith (love the action sequences), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (love Johnny Depp) and Warlords of Atlantis (God bless Doug McClure), oh and the entire collection of Eerie Indiana (why oh why was this show cancelled it was cleverly self knowledgeable, wacky and full of cameos....It would be in the top 10 if it were on TV now).

Oh I did manage to get out of the house a couple of days ago to a nice little area in Dorset called the Blue Pool....Which is an old quarry filled with water to make a pool which is....Well....Blue. Bless our ancestors for their 'as it says on the tin' way of describing things. Me and the rents had wander, took some pics, had an outrageously overpriced snack and then came home the scenic route, via the new forest, in which a horse bolted right in front of the car and came so close to crashing into my window that for the rest of the journey home I had two spots of snot from his nostrils partially obscuring my view, and an equally uncomfortable package in my undercarriage (joking...Or am I)

Monday, August 07, 2006

If I Had a Time Machine....

I'd go back to the eighties most definitely.....I had my best times in the 80's and the summers were all long and hot (rose tinted my ass). Also I turned 10 years old in 1989 so I spent my most adventurous and inquisitive years in the 80's. The TV wasn't half bad either; The A-team, MacGyver, Airwolf, Magnum P.I., Knight Rider (though looking back The Hoff's acting ability was more stolic than the cars). So it is with much distained that I had comply with the rigors of time and 'celebrate' my 27th....yes 27th birthday, even if I still feel around 10 on the inside.

I wasn't a total loss my flatmates from uni came for a visit, no small journey for either since Nat's from Cornwall and Ally lives in N. Ireland. The weather held for some pleasant, though nowhere near as hot, sunny days and I gave the girls a whirlwind tour of the local areas. This didn't take long but a highlight must be the 'rowing' trip on Swanbourne Lake in Arundel.

For many years the lake has had little to no water in it as the local water company 'borrowed' drinking water in the times of drought. With this year being one of the hottest on record I was expecting the lake to be a desert but was pleasantly surprised when it was as healthy as it had been when I was a kid. Natty treated me and Ally to a rowing session and I took a seat to relax and enjoy the ride.....10 minutes later we hadn't even managed to leave the jetty area, even though the chap running things had kicked us out so many times I actually lost count! Poor Ally just doesn't seem to have the co-ordination for the complex equation of oars in water equals forward motion.

Oh well, it was highly entertaining and we even gathered a crowd....should have made a collection for the entertainment. When we eventually made it further than a few feet away from the jetty, as Nat took sole responsibility of the rowing, Ally decided she'd figured it out and had another go.....we spent the next five minutes going in circles! Finally, after nearly getting sandbanked on the island in the middle of the lake, we got back to the jetty. The poor guy who owned the boats couldn't believe that the three of us were not only University students (well let's face it they take just about anybody these days) but that one of us had just graduated in Marine Biology and was a lifeguard and representative of the RNLI....neh, you win some you lose some.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


By the by one of my pics from today's little jaunt was considered so stunningly spectacular that it was featured on BBC South Today this evening.....Sally Taylor even mentioned me by name....I'm available for requests, weddings etc and will charge £1,000 an hr ;-)

Something's Gotta Give

So it's another hot and somewhat muggy day today. Had a thunderstorm last night, albeit a fleeting one and it passed over our little town in less than half an hour. The roads were completely dry by the morning and considering we've had this weather for weeks now with only one rainy day...something's got to give and I have a feeling it's going to be tonight or tomorrow.

It's a shame that I'm home in Bognor rather than the flat in Southampton at the mo since I'd love to watch a thunderstorm from the tallest building in the city....or not, maybe I'd be shitting bricks...but it would be pretty amazing none the less.

Went for a walk over Cocking Down today with my pa which was nice even if I had to ring out my t-shirt for sweat when I got in. My left knee has been a little sore ever since I cycled to Clog's family fun day at Climping last Friday and spent the next three hours being a big kid on the bouncy castle there, still it's was bloody good fun!!

I thought the stroll would help to stretch out whatever the problem is but I'll have to see, it still feels a bit sore. I really want to get out on my bike again. The only problem with that is that I've done all of the shorter rides in this area and the places I like the most are a 20 odd mile round trip....not to good for the knee. I guess I could go walking with the pa more but his organization leaves a lot to be desired and he has a tendency to go for the hilliest walks he can find...usually associated to his beating which he does in the winter months.

Ooo, I think I hear thunder....I love thunderstorms, used to terrify me as a kid but the bigger and more frequent the lightening the better I say...Bring it.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Yes we're having a heatwave and by definition alone it's f**king hot!! so what do people do on a day like today (temps reaching 32 degrees C); beach it and have a swim, stay in the shade, cold showers, think cool and less is more right? wrong I took a leisurely cycle (again) taking me from Bognor to Chichester to Bosham and to the Witterings via the ferry, then back to Bognor....and I didn't undertake this little jaunt early in the morning or this evening as any sensible we're talking heat of the day.

I got through around 3 1/2 of 4 litres of water and took a cold shower when i got phew!! Now I'm knackered and my left knee is giving me jip (like an arthretic pensioner) and so, considering I'm to cycle to Clog's fun day on Friday, the bike is staying in the shed for the rest of the week.

Oh, just remembered I saw Superman Returns last night which was actually pretty good. Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor was a very good choice as he pulled it off really well. The opening credits, which have retained John Williams' score and the title effects, were fantastic. It made me think 'this is what it must have been like to watch Star Wars (IV) for the first time....It was very cool and definitely has to be seen on the big screen!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Summer's Day Relaxing

And by relaxing I mean another little bike ride, in short to Kingley Vale (though not up it) via Chi and Bosham on one of the hottest days so far....yes I'm mad but I don't care because I was eating ham and cheese sarnies and reading Wilbur Smith in a valley with glorious sunshine and felt like I could have been the last person on the planet!

Will beach it tomorrow as I wouldn't wantto overdo it.

In other news Your results:
You are Hulk
Green Lantern
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Iron Man

You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Not sure who green lantern is/was but the Hulk sounds about right as anyone who knows me realises that's you wouldn't like me when I'm angry....grrr argh!