Monday, June 25, 2007

End of an Era

Well, three years at Uni....bugger me, where did that go? in a blur of assignments, lectures and seminars that's where. Not that it was all work of course I had some fun moments too...mainly in the last two years at Mercury Point....with the best flatmates in the world.

Yes, it's sad but it's true....Club Mercury is no more, the club has disbanded, the flat is now empty....I am indeed an ex-Southamptoner (?) The mates are now spread far and wide; Bournemouth, Cornwall, Wales, N. Ireland, Winchester and lil' ol me on Bognor Regis.

And is really is just me. The rents have buggered off to Suffolk for the week leaving me on me tod. Still, this had it's advantages.....I took a shower at 1am this morning, I haven't brushed my hair in two days, I took a pee with the bathroom door open so I could listen to Stargate SG:1 on the TV and I had choc mint ice cream for my dinner tonight....yep, I'm a rebel and I'm running this space!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bon Jovi on The Graham Norton Show

Well, the gang and I took a little trip to London to watch Graham Norton being filmed. The show was completely hilarious especially when Ali was picked on as the loudest screamer in the audience. (front left to right as Graham makes his way to Ali....Megan and her cheap flip flops, Me in a, ever-so, lovely Rainbow Brite Tee, Alison and the 'Gobby' 'ten foot' one we refer to as Ali)

And Yes it was little innocent Megan chucking her knickers at Jon Bon Jovi...they nearly hit Graham Norton in the face and were then picked up by Jon.

Too Funny!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gangsta Paradise

Cor Blimey, it all kicked off last night round my way. I'm certainly the last to know about things....Basically a huge brawl broke out downstairs at the front of the building. Two gangs (probably drug related) had a go at each other and one bloke got beaten up with a crow bar, someone else pulled a gun and fired off some shots (though apparently they were blanks) and then ran off. He was chased down and stabbed nearby. (both guys are recovering in hospital). The police showed up, arrested were made and a search took place for the gun....all very C.S.I.

The gang members are apparently spread out amongst all blocks of MP and are mostly from London...It's nice to see that they left that life behind to concentrate on making something better of themselves at uni....the funniest thing is that one of the guys involved is studying Law!

Hey-ho, I'm out of here in a few days now....Back to Bognor Regis just in time for the influx of tourist from the

Saturday, June 09, 2007


So, did anyone notice something missing from tonight's Doctor Neither did I, even though the Doctor and Martha were but fleeting in appearance, the episode has probably become one of my all time favourites.

All the essential elements were there: great acting, strong story, funny dialogue and truly 'soil your pants' scary monsters. What a fantastic concept; they are statues, they move when your not don't blink!

And just in case you were wondering, this applies to all statues...everywhere...behind afraid!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Thundercats, Ho!

Apparently Thundercats are up for revival. Is this postmodern version however Waner Bros have decided that a live action adaptation is the way to go.....this could go terribly wrong. Are the actors going to be made up to look like cats or are they going to drop that aspect which case wouldn't it just be Thunder?

Still, it will be interesting to see who they decide to cast, my suggestions: Lion-O; Heath Ledger (A Knights Tale), Panthro; Micheal Clarke Duncan (The Green Mile), Tygra; Shane West (ER), Cheetara; Uma Thurman (Kill Bill), WileyKat; Rupert Grint (Harry Potter), WileyKit; Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Ben Gali; Sean Connery, Mumm-Ra; Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Glactica, new series) and, finally, Snarf; Jack Black.

Off the top of my head that is.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Excitable Cows and Wiggly Trees

After spending a ultimately lazy day in the garden yesterday enjoying the sunshine I began to feel a tad on the energetic side.

Dad had plans to go cockling at Dell Quay early evening and suggested that I go along. Now, I remember cockling....wading out into a fetid smelling bog of a harbour at low tide, reaching into ice cold shallows to find shells which contain small slug like creatures which are apparently edible....I also remember that these same fetid shallows claimed at least one of my favourite wellington boots somewhen in the eighties. I had no plans to relive this particularly fun sounding past time and instead choose to wander the local coastal paths.

There were two choices...north from Dell Quay to Fishbourne or south to Chichester Marina. I began north. The path followed the river and occasionally crossed through fields in which cows were minding their own business chewing the cud, sleeping and other unprintable activities. Giving the herd a wide birth I contiuned on upstream.

Shortly thereafter I happened upon an area of braken which was a hive of activity for local bunnies, feasting on the short cut grass. Naturally they took one look at me and scarpered. Figuring they'd be back I planted my bum and contemplated the age old questions such as: what kind of an animal is Goofy? and what superhero name should I take? Time passed, a few bunnies made brief appearences, but were soon chased off by insane blood thirsty hounds (FYI I'm thinking cow/dog hybrid and am leaning towards Stupendously Luscious Ultra Transmodizoid)

Heading back to Dell Quay I, once again, had to pass through the field of cows....field 1 was passed through without a care, however, upon entering the next field which had been cowless on my first visit I suddenly realised that my exit had been blocked and I was going to have to walk very close indeed....It was at this point that I considered that my choice of a bright red t-shirt was had its drawbacks.

I managed to not poo my pants and made it through the herd and was soon behid the safe haven of the gate....even though while posing for a picture one overly friendly cow decided that my Rainbow Brite top was completely lickable....ewwww!
The rest of my walk was uneventful...though on my way down to Chi Marina I came across a wood full of wiggly trees, what's the crack with wiggly trees?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Dooby Duck's Duck Truck

ohhh, the memories...mixing pop music wil cute 'lil dancing puppets...television gold!