Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Short and Sweet

This'll be short one....Went to Bognor squash club to watch the England game on the big screen tonight.....Had far too many Smirnoff Ice's and now have hiccups which kinda sucks! Met up with Paul, Matt and their mate Steve who appreciates rock music which was cool, and we chatted the night away after England drew 2-2 with Sweden...Silly me I thought we were sposed to win such matches. Anyway, had a good night, eventhough these bloody hiccups have now set in for a season....Ever tried holding your breath and hiccuped at the same time...It's not fun!!Still it's not like I have anything to do tomorrow.

In other news went to see the Davinci Code at the flicks last night...Was a good treasure hunt movie and I'm always rather fond of Ron Howard as a director, though it was rather a slow burner....Need to read the book really...But there was some sequences, namely the flashback stuff, which really worked well.

Am off to Cornwall on Friday, which I'm rather looking forward too, and don't have much to engage my brain until then really which is a shame...And to top it all the sun has gone away...Bastard!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

The great thing about Bognor Regis being my hometown is, hands down the beach,....okay so it's not the most outstanding beach in the world, we have a muddy/sandy substance covered by oodles of shingle (for those not in the know these are tons of small stones mixed with seaweed, cuttlefish, the odd bit of rubbish and every so often if you're very unlucky a bit of white dog poo), also the water is f**king freezing. But It's a beach none the less and is a great place to relax and just watch the world go by.

So today, that's just what I did with best mate Clogs and a couple of her ex-work friends. On a mildly balmy Saturday we chatted, paddled, played frisbee (quality of play ranged from shades of crap to duck for cover) and made up sarnies (the butter later going to the great butter churn in the sky when it turned to liquid in the sunshine). Oh and there were donkeys; Ted, George, Bobby and Dudley to be exact, who were really cute and shat all over the prom, bless.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hello Halo

Whilst worshiping the sun God this morning I glanced up to see a strange ring around the sun through some hazy, high cloud. I love to look at clouds and make's me happy and I figured the effect which I, and my father, observed was something to do with the ice particles in the cloud and the hot and cold air meeting....I guess I did pay attention in science class years ago, thanks Mrs Hare. Anyways, I found a pic which is very similar to what I saw today and it's referred to as a halo, quite apt really. I doubt I'll ever see another and it's a shame I didn't get a picture, but it didn't really stick around long enough to oblige a photo shoot.

In other news, the FX channel are showing repeats of Third Watch, a truly awesome, action packed and brilliantly dialogued series from the US, also available (series 1) on DVD though a tad pricy at £37.99.....maybe when my student loan comes through next year, we can call it research!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Schoooool's Out For Summer!!! (I'm 50 hurrah)

I'm in such a happy mood....I'm all finished at Uni for the year and am now back in Bognor for the summer....and to mark the occasion the powers that be decided to sort out the shite weather we'd been having recently and actually bring on the sunshine. I've been topping up my vitamin D all day and it's amazing what a little sun does to my mood, I'm a Leo so naturally being born in one of the hottest months means I need sunshine to survives or.....Grrrrrrrr!

So, I'm missing my flatmates already, but at least I'll get to see Nat at the end of June when I visit her in yay. But now I have no-one to watch Big Brother with!

I've just realized that there's loads I want to do over the summer, do some research for my dissertation, get some story ideas written down for my script for next year, go on loads of walks (the countryside round here is gorgeous) and get through some of the shed load of books which are currently bending my bookshelf......for now though it's all about the soaking up of rays and the excellent Wilbur Smith book that I've been, shamefully, reading since Easter and still haven't finished!!

Oh, and I spose I'll take time out of my....ahem....busy schedule to watch the footie tomorrow....who's playing again? ;-)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


It's been a while I know but I had my final exam on Monday and I'd spent the week doing revision...god how I hate exams all the tension and worrying and the worst writers cramp after 2 solid hours of writing...ouch. Still it's done and dusted and I can escape for a few months till it all starts again....big whoop!

To celebrate the end of the year there was the obligatory drinks at 'club Mercury' which is always fun with my flatmates...Unfortunately I have to say goodbye to two of them since their moving on the bigger and better things but Nat and Dan it's been a pleasure.

Went to see The Omen had to be done 06.06.06 and at 6.45pm, a cliche but like that's gonna happen again. The film was actually very good, wasn't sure about Julia Stiles and Leiv Schreiber being the leads, but Schreiber was especially good. It made you jump in all the right places, even when I knew exactly where the jumpy bits were and poor old Nat lost a year of her life when the dogs attacked in the graveyard. There was an interesting use of red motif, which seemed to signify the influence of the whole Satan thing and was especially prominent around Damian. I'm sure I could analyze thoroughly if I was that bothered, it had the desired effect anyhoo. A good film which i recommend.

Oh and what a corker of a finale for Prison Break, have just caught up this evening cause of the drinks session the night before. Can't wait for the next series....which I presume will become The Fugitives?....if of course the scriptwriters can get the unusual group out of that little cliffhanger they chose to leave us with. And next year my arse...Limewire people!!