Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My Bestest Mates in the Whole Wide World

Had a blindin' weekend and didn't even get that drunk, as opposed to other people....you know who you are. Tom and Clogs my two bestest mates came to visit me on the 13th floor and we chilled, chatted, cooked and.....can't think of another 'c'....engaged in merriment.

We also saw Jarhead, which is a very honest account of the goings on in the first Iraq war, highly entertaining and well worth a viewing in my opinion...which as far as film goes....is the only one which counts.

So anyway, I've been in uni today for about 10 hours ping-ponging around the campus and subjects so my brain and legs hurt....joy....I just go back to my mantra of 'not ever workin' for Tescos again' and that pretty much gets me through the tough days.

Back to the weekend I have a few pics of the antics, though Clogs the drunken bum got rid of the more....how can we say....damning evidence. Still, love you guys...visit anytime...less the vomiting.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Starry Stuff

Firstly, more bloody essays.....well one essay but it took me longer than I thought to get finished, still tis done and nowt to do now cept look forward to a couple of my mates from back home who're coming to visit for the weekend....yay!

This by the way was the view from my flat over Southampton the other evening of the sunset...cool or what.

So, scientists discovered a planet which is most like Earth....appart from the fact it's five times the size and the average temperature is minus 220 degrees...toasty....and what in their wisdom do they name a planet of such importance...why...OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb....of course....well duh? all the greek gods and disney cartoon characters used up then?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Film of the Week

Just been to see Brokeback Mountain with my flatmates and Wow, what a movie. Don't go to see it if you're small minded or if you expect a fast, action packed, bloke riding horses fending off the wild things to protect their herd....because it 'aint that kind of movie.

Do expect an insightful, voyeuristic, beautifully shot and heartbreaking story of two men and a relationship which could never be.

Oh and take a box of tissues....my flatmate was cryin' a river after watching this brilliant film.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wally The Whale R.I.P.

The poor little whale didn't make it...how gutting is that! There was a mammoth effort to save the stricken beast yesterday when it was hoisted onto a boat to take it down the Thames and back out to sea but Wally unfortunately succumbed to its own weight, crushing his internal organs and was left to die in dignity at around 7.30pm ish last night. Rescuers were only minutes away from where they had intended to release the whale which is really sad and now it seems there's whales from the same pod in the area who appear to be looking for their lost pal.

It's just really sad that fate couldn't let this one work out for the better for a change, but then it begs the question; just why did a whale miles from its natural habitat decide on a vacation to London in January?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Elephants & Whales

A bottlenose whale is loose in the Thames checking out the sights and, knowing the thames, swimming in god knows what. Apparently the RNLI got a call from a guy on a train saying that he must be hallucinating because he just saw a whale in the Thames, well you would wouldn't you, i mean 1. it's a whale, 2. ....ok there is no 2, it's a spiggin' whale.

In other news, zoo keepers in Russia thought it was a really brilliant idea to give an elephant a bucket full of vodka to keep it warm, as temperatures have dropped to minus 41 degrees, turns out actually not so much as the elephant got drunk, went on the rampage and destroyed the central heating unit....oopski.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brain shut down

This was supposed to be a blog which was updated everyday, truly I'm not the kind of person who gives up on something after just three days....nah....It's usually at least four or five, but planetary alignments attempted to conspire against me, to foil my dastardly plot to take over the world by power of sarcasm, by landing me with copious amounts of work for my degree which I had to pull an all nighter to finish last night....Or was that this morning.

That was three different subjects, 5,000 words and a 6 and a half minute production assignment from hell which I thought would never see the dimmed light of the viewing theatre, that's all in the last three days. Needless to say I'm am currently experiencing a total brain melt down, mainly because the two essays were about defining a subject matter which actually has no definition.....Don't you just love academia and theory?!

On the plus side, the essays are finished, done and dusted, totally devoid of any further textual analysis.....That is of course until the next one, which should be any day now......I think I'll just lock myself in my room and live banal existence which is daytime television until my brain ceases to function.

Saturday, January 14, 2006


So here's the thing, about three months before christmas I started on a diet and gym session type thing. I'm doing fine and have even managed to lose weight over Christmas....but I am and always will be a chocoholic.

I was getting a little bored tonight and bored triggers hunger, which triggers cravings...which in my case is chocolate. But of course I'm trying to be all good and not go for the one thing which is my ultimate downfall, so I drank shed loads of water and cleaned my teeth. Normally this works pretty well but tonight the mint from the toothpaste has triggered the mint choc part of my brain( oooo bubbly Aero goodness) and the water means I've been to the loo three times in the last hour!

And on a more sad and slightly pathetic note I have just done almost every search I could think of on google images of all things relating to choccy goodness including chocolate: bars, frosting, cake, cream, melted, pie, cadbury, fudge, brownie, truffle, gateau, ice cream, mint, block (hungry yet?) creme egg, caramel, nestle, hershey(which by the way is a completely inferior form of chocolate but I'm in craving mode right now so anything'll do), milk, dark, white, hot etc (hence the appropriate imagery) don't you just love google images!

And, by the by, I could so eat that cake that Bruce Bogtrotter eats in Matilda right now....and I won't be sharing owt wit anybody! so don't even bovver askin'

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

I was watching the weather report on TV tonight and uncovered a dastardly plot on the British public....Now we all know that living in a country this far up the northern hemisphere generally means shit weather, especially right about now, but do we really need visuals on the weather map pretending to be warmer than it actually is outside.

Exhibit A. Today the little box with a 8 degrees in was background filled with the colour yellow, a colour recognised to mean warmish. Now I was out in this 8 degree, yellowy, warmish day and had I believed in the weatherman and dressed reflective of the forecast I would probably have hypothermia right now.....As an afterthought check out the color of temps in the summers months...When 16 has the yellow background and anything less is green and blue.

I understand that they are merely trying to make Joe public feel better in the long winter months but 8 degrees is bloody cold no matter what the background colour.

Bring back the sticky on weather maps I say....Was always much more entertaining when Michael Fish couldn't get the rain cloud to stick onto the sunny spell.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I can Blog me

so, this is my blog....make yourself at home and make no mistake I'm a whinging, moaning twentysomething who watches far too much tv and don't get out much