Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just For Josh

Since he asked oh so nicely, and I quote "Cinefantastic.....What the hell is that?" and to prove that I pay attention in class, or not as the case may be.....ahem...Cinefantastic explores films of a Science Fiction/ Fantasy genre in terms of the way they construct imaginary cinemascapes; engage audiences with spectacle and a suspension of disbelief; Utopian/Dystopian visions and fantasies of existing or potential worlds.....or to put it another way " The real is no longer that of dream or of fantasy or a beyond or a within, it is that of hallucinatory resemblance of the real with itself."

Glad I could clear that up for you.....it's obviously all perfectly understandable now isn't it.

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Josh said...

"Word not found in the Dictionary and Encyclopedia."

"Sorry, there are no results for that search."

Quote - most online Dictionarys, Encyclopedias and the official Official Oxford dictionary.

"No record found for your search 'Cinefantastic', please try searching a real word."

Quote - Josh's brain/genius intellect.