Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No More Deadlines (for now anyhoo)

Ah there's nothing like the feeling that you get when you get past another deadline...especially when said deadline is running another seminar. I'm not really the best person when it comes to the whole public speaking thing, my mind has a tendency to go completely blank when trying to form the simplest of sentences and I like to read from a prepared speech when at all possible....this also poses it's own problems, however, as I have a tendency to use lots of very big words. This sounds great when you read them in your head, but turn into the worst tongue twisters when your actually try to vocalise them...doh!

Anyway the seminar went well, plenty of discussion as opposed to last tues because certain individuals were absent from this particular group. I managed to find plenty of visuals for the power point too....visuals are good because (in my little world) if people are paying attention to the pretty pictures they're perhaps less inclined to be hanging on my every word and therefore my nerves are less likely to be shot to pieces. I did however get a little carried away on the picture front, my weekend was predominantly spent searching google images for a very particular screencap from Superman III; of one of the baddies being turned into a robot, an image that is ingrained into my inner psyche after scaring the bejesus out of me whilst watching the film as a young child.

Spent yesterday in bed most of the day after having a particularly nasty migraine, I really hate those things. Still I managed to sleep it off and was well enough by the evening to take part in our Halloween do. This basically involved dressing silly, decorating the flat with fake plastic webs and pumpkins and copious amounts of cheap alcohol. It was all good fun and the twister put in an appearance at one point, which means i don't have to go to the gym today (I failed miserably in every round, though Elin biting me on the bum was a tad off we were ever that flexible is beyond me).

I finally got to sleep somewhen around 5am and have spent most of the day today mooching around the flat in my PJ's. I used to be able to stay up until stupid o'clock and get up at a reasonable time the next day still full of beans, and what about when you were a kid and would get up on the weekend for the cartoons at 7am. Today I'm absolutely knackered and, as my brain has limited functionality, the only thing productive that could be achieved today was to work through the next four episodes (13-16) of Stargate: Atlantis with Josh.....It's like a public service.

Urgh, have just noticed that it's dark outside and it's a little after 5.30pm....I hate this time of year....I need sunlight else I get grumpy!!

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