Monday, November 13, 2006

Days Like These

Uni was almost worth getting out of bed at stupid o'clock (aka 8.15am) this morning. The optional unit I am taking is Cinefantastic and today we were looking at the 'Alien Messiah'. Some of you may think this sounds a tad boring, a bit on the preachy side even, but let me stop you right there by saying we had to watch and discuss Batman Returns, and other such related Superhero gumpf.

The seminar started out as academic as you can make a discussion about Superheroes....Representations of the God like figure, protectors of society, saviours of humanity from our own technological advances and other such potential essay type material. Ultimately however conversation soon turned to 'who would win in a fight between Superman vs. Batman?' and the traits, special powers, skills and technology of the ultimate superhero.....the particular favourite of the class was the 'Mime Artists' who have the ability to make whatever they mime a reality (eg trapping villains in an actual glass box...genius!). They originate from the deep dark jungles of France(?).....Sounds like a comic book winner to me, and also that the guys who came up with the idea, perhaps, have played one too many games of WoW. (if your not already in the know, you probably don't want to be.)

A second highlight of this particular lesson was the fact that I could relate much of what was being said to the best Sci-Fi show on the telly (imo)....Stargate: Atlantis. Conversation was turning to Alien technology and advancements used (and mis-used) by humans and ascended beings, seriously where else am I supposed to go with that.

In other news...I popped home for the weekend. The folks came to Southampton to take me and my flatmates out to lunch last Friday and I just kinda hitched a lift home, mainly for me to get my washing done on the 'cheap' I mean free...and by 'me' I mean good'ole dependable mum.

While at home I tried my hand at Racket ball, which I haven't done in donkeys. The following morning, however, this was made pretty dammed evident. I have discovered muscles which I never knew existed and, to be perfectly honest, I really think have no other purpose than to irritate those of a less athletic persuasion than most. Two days later and I'm still hobbling around as if I were a geriatric who's had their zimmer frame nicked by the local chav army. Personally, I think it was because I failed to warm down properly...yup, that was it....most definitely.....the warming down thing....absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I spend the majority of my time sat on my butt.

I am currently exercising this particular muscle in the more traditional fashion as I settle in to watch the British Sci-Fi night on BBC Four. A whole evening dedicated to the world of British Sci-Fi stories and TV programmes...sounds like TV heaven to a Bognorian/Martian, Sci-Fi television, geek like me....maybe the license was worth it after all.


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