Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More ADB stuff (that's A Dog's Breakfast to the common folk)

Right further to the most exciting news the other day on MGM taking up the rights for ADB and then the release, of sorts, of a trailer for the film, there's now a review and more photos as well as, get this, a game. I warn you this game is very addictive and it took many, many attempts to get the score of 1426.1. Here's the link if you have nothing better to do:

Also the review of the film is worth a read if you a.) want to know what the heck I've been bashing on about in the last few posts and b.).....okay I can't remember what my 'b' point was going to, ahem, be....but just read up on ADB and fingers crossed that a release (either on DVD on in the cinema) is coming soon. I hope it is coming soon because I want to write an essay about the promotion of and the film itself....if I can work it into next semesters subject matter that is. Still, it has been know of me to use completely off reading/screening list material in the past, which gets much frownage and puzzlement from my lecturers until I argue my case convincingly. This all depends on whether the film gets a release asap of course, but I can get enthused until I know one way or the other.'s the link to the review:

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