Monday, November 06, 2006

If You Squint You Can See Me!

Can I just say...How cool was Torchwood last night. Shame it wasn't on last week because it was a perfect example of Technophobia which was what my hosted seminar was all about, oh well better luck next time. Anyway the episode rocked, plenty of action and a fight between a Cyberwoman and a Terra there's something you don't see everyday.

Speaking of not seeing, did you get a load of the fog last night (did you see what I did there) Us students are simple folk and therefore hours of fun can be had with the most simplistic of tools....aka some thick fog and a couple of torches. Like I say hours of fun!! Anyone nearby must have thought we were trying to land planes or create our own lighthouse from the 13th floor.

Oh and finally...the winner of the 'Ya think!' award goes to the news report about Saddam Hussein being sentenced to hang...anyone who didn't see that one coming needs to run full speed into my stationary hand as I slap them upside the head.


Josh said...

Apparently I have an account on blogspot. A possible excuse to create a blog of my own. Anyway I noticed that you have changed the format of your blog to multimedia content in the place of essays. I like the pretty pictures :-D


Emma said...

not in place of essays....I just discovered the button which makes pretty pictures and allows videos which I will uses tons until i get bored.

Chloe said...


Emma said...

Anytime...just let me know. I have got my hand in date out of the way early this semester which is sweet.