Saturday, November 18, 2006

Domino Day 2006

Apparently the immensely entertaining world of competitive domino toppling is alive and well over in Holland. Channel Five (Seriously who else would televise it) showed an hour long programme dedicated to the world record attempt of the most dominoes felled; creating such classic themed patterns as 1920's slapstick characters, 60's Hippies chic and Retro 70's Disco complete with a 1.5m mirror ball.

Who knew that the realm of dominoes (popularised in the 1980's thanks to Record Breakers and Roy 'the legend' Castle) could be so exciting. The challenge was to fell over 4 million of the little coloured bricks in a game show style format using contestants from the audience to set up the last few bricks against the clock......providing a whole 'will they/won't they', heart in your mouth, 'If they knock one over they're buggered' kind of viewing experience.

If you wish to have a go yourself the record to break is 4,079,381 domino bricks, a piano, a mirror ball and a 1965 Volkswagen minivan......The record hasn't been held by the UK since 1979 which suggests either us Brits don't have the concentration, patience, steadiness of hand or the sheer tenacity of our Netherlandic counterparts, or that the people of our little green isle actually have a life.

P.S. It's worth noting that last years world record attempt named, funnily enough, Domino Day 2005, was tinged with a certain amount of controversy when a renegade, saboteur sparrow went on the rampage within the studio knocking over 23,000 dominoes before being cornered and shot.....A stern warning for those contemplating mischief at subsequent world record attempts me thinks!


Josh said...

I got to "could be so exciting" and then shot myself.

Emma said...

That's not necessarily true ;-)