Thursday, October 12, 2006

Student Life 101

It has been an interesting last few days. The workload I have sounds slightly scary but I'm managing readings, appointments and due dates for the time being. I have constant pen notes on the back of my hand with meeting times, dates and places...As a student I naturally never have a pad of paper handy and I refuse to pay £6.99 for a half year diary when the back of my own hand does the job nicely, though I keep forgetting the notes are there and accidentally washing it off less than five minutes after writing it...doh!

So what have I been up to....well there's your standard lectures, screenings and seminars (I won't bore you with the subject detail, just imagine listening to lots of big words from various European theorists, trying to relate it to the film you've just watched and then trying to use said big words in a discussion). Then there's the above meetings, while I try to sort out dissertation stuff, script stuff, 'what the heck i'll do after uni' stuff.

Then there's the more social aspect of student life....I went to Film Club on Tuesday night, dragging along flatmate Ally and friend Elin with promises of free wine, to watch the Director's cut of The Wicker man. Man, that film is trippy and Christopher Lee has the most God awful wig, but I love the music and it's one of those films which, if you haven't seen it before, doesn't quite go where you expect it to. There was indeed free wine, which is always a bonus and in future there will be a free buffet at a local movie and food, what else could you possibly want on a Tuesday evening?

After the film the lasses and I paid a visit to the Uni bar...turns out it was one of the better decisions of the day since there was three live bands and a street type magician performing. Not your typical evening at the student union and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening....the next day however both Elin and I agreed that mixing wine with (in my case) Reef and (in Elin's case) Cider and black was, in retrospect, an error injudgmentt.

Back at the flat and it's never a dull moment, new flatmate Joe is a laugh and iniciated first contact with the workers in the office block opposite yesterday afternoon, getting an actual wave from three (obviously very bored) members of staff...'Geoff', for those in the know, is still in hiding on the eighth floor behind blinds....leading to much speculation on our part; ranging from illicit affairs with his secretary to 'Geoff's' ultimate demise (all hearsay and coming from the warped minds of procrastinating students).

We had a very chilled out evening yesterday; involving chat, pizza, more wine, Stargate: Atlantis and a bit of hairdressing from Ally at two in the morning. I'm now feathered, layered and straightened with a hair cut which was very much over due.

Today was back to you bog standard uni stuff, more appointments and meetings, including a meet with classmates to watch a Danish TV show which we have to hold a seminar about in two weeks. I also did my bit for the form of oodles of photocopying.

Much hilarity was had this afternoon when, while getting a ride to the ALDI supermarket with Elin, Ally and I spotted a group of poor little Chavs walking home from school. One girl in particular was sporting a very unfortunate choice in hair styles (mainly piling as much hair as possible to the top and one side of the girls' head). I pointed out the look and, shy, quiet, reserved, dinky, Welsh, Elin practically clawed down the window of the car to shout 'Oh my God, that's the ultimate of Chavness' at the group....I was glad the red light we were sitting at turned green shortly thereafter else things could have turned ugly (ier).

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