Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Something's Gotta Give

So it's another hot and somewhat muggy day today. Had a thunderstorm last night, albeit a fleeting one and it passed over our little town in less than half an hour. The roads were completely dry by the morning and considering we've had this weather for weeks now with only one rainy day...something's got to give and I have a feeling it's going to be tonight or tomorrow.

It's a shame that I'm home in Bognor rather than the flat in Southampton at the mo since I'd love to watch a thunderstorm from the tallest building in the city....or not, maybe I'd be shitting bricks...but it would be pretty amazing none the less.

Went for a walk over Cocking Down today with my pa which was nice even if I had to ring out my t-shirt for sweat when I got in. My left knee has been a little sore ever since I cycled to Clog's family fun day at Climping last Friday and spent the next three hours being a big kid on the bouncy castle there, still it's was bloody good fun!!

I thought the stroll would help to stretch out whatever the problem is but I'll have to see, it still feels a bit sore. I really want to get out on my bike again. The only problem with that is that I've done all of the shorter rides in this area and the places I like the most are a 20 odd mile round trip....not to good for the knee. I guess I could go walking with the pa more but his organization leaves a lot to be desired and he has a tendency to go for the hilliest walks he can find...usually associated to his beating which he does in the winter months.

Ooo, I think I hear thunder....I love thunderstorms, used to terrify me as a kid but the bigger and more frequent the lightening the better I say...Bring it.

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