Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Uni's Not All Dossing and Procrastination....But it Helps

Less than a full week back at Uni and I'm already finding innovative, and not so much, ways to avoid doing what must be done. The to do list includes: reading one of the many books I have to study for a literary review in four weeks, a script pitch for tomorrow (I'm thinking I can pretty much blag it, since that's what the lecturers seem to do on a regular basis) and other such Uni related study is what I should be doing....washing up, introducing Josh to the fantastic Sci-Fi show which is Stargate: Atlantis (more of a public service that one) and, obviously, writing my blog is what I'm actually doing.

It's not all been procrastination however, I've actually been quite productive this week....I've had three, count them, T-H-R-E-E 9am a row I might add. (Well, strictly speaking one was 11am, but that was the first day back and it might'ave well been 9), I've had a meeting with my supervising lecturer to discuss a course of action with my final year dissertation (how and when meetings will take place, work expected from me, forthcoming deadlines...that kind of thing) year dissertation, how scary does that sound! I've also re-started my gym membership (and plan to go any day now), arranged an appointment to see the careers advisor, have checked out many books from the library (see reference in first paragraph)....oh and I have cut out some, more, dissertation related articles from newspaper and magazines. See, pro-duct-ive.

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