Friday, November 03, 2006

Who Left the Fridge Door Open?

Bit chuffing cold today....that's the thing with the weather in this country, fair and reasonable one minute and then, like the flick of a switch, it's like the bloomin' Arctic (okay, so the Arctic may be a tad of an exaggeration but it was a bit nippy and they're talking frost and stuff over the next few days so I'm not impressed). And you don't even have a chance to acclimatize or anything; t-shirts one minute...thermal undies the's a might unsettlin'. I'm only moaning because, personally, I was still hoping for an Indian summer.....any day now. (yes, I know I'm in my only little world, but if that's the case I think it's only right that I should be able to pick the weather!)

Nige put in a very short notice appearance last night with several squaddie mates, so another late night was had by all. I'm definitely getting to old for this malarkey and I wasn't even drinking, which is a hint towards my general dilapidation and crapness because of age. Then again it wasn't a total loss (I refer you to three key words in the first sentence of the paragraph.....and in case you missed it that was 'several squaddie mates')

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