Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Unique Use of the Icelandic Military

Proving that I'm not the only person currently with an unhealthy amount of time on my hands, I found a link to a video of an unusual event which happened in Reykjavik, Iceland earlier this month. It involves three helicoptors, a giant marionette and several, quite frankly, jittery looking locals.

In something reminiscent of a well known Roald Dahl story, the huge puppet 'wanders' along a main street in the city peering into windows on the top floor of buildings and in the last clip brings a bemused car driver to a screeching halt, while pedestrians make a hasty exit off the street.....well you would too if a three storey (and frankly creepy looking) puppet was heading in your direction on an otherwise normal and peaceful evening.


After a little googling I can find no information about the event, other than further links to the short videos, so I can only guess that it was some kind of festival event or 'art' project. Proving, once again, that the Iceland is a little off-kilter, eccentric and yet the source of some decidely unique entertainment.

I guess that all is quiet for the Iclandic military, or that some wealthy artist had a spare few bob lying around to hire the three choppers which were involved in moving the puppet around the streets....the mind boggles.

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