Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Touch of Doctor Who Vampire Slayer?

Okay, so Matt Smith, aka the new Doctor, put in an appearance on Jonathan Ross Friday night.  He talked about the new series, without really talking about the new they do, tight lipped kill joys that they are.  But they did show a clip from episode 6..looks like a certain trend is catching on:

Friday, March 26, 2010

Things That Make You Go...Grrrr Arg!

Do you know, I'm all for a bit of change, evolution and progression can be a good thing for example; taking excessively large shoulder pads out of jumpers...good thing, Shell suits relegated to the fashion trends of the Chav...good thing, the return of Doctor Who....genius thing, but also there's the enevitable bad stuff; shrinking chocolate bars...bad thing, the 'Y' generation (see Kim's Post for explanation)...definitely bad thing, text speak...annoying thing and the continuing trend for self destructing television....ludicrous thing

Now, I've been patient, I've put up with (begrudingly) the Big Brother's, Wife Swap's, I'm a Celebrity's, X-Factor's and all the other 'loosely based on' reality series, hoping the fad would soon run it's course and once again quailty drama and entertainment shows, which actually entertain, would reign.  Alas it seems this detestable fad has bred a reality grabbing, celebrity (and I used that word in it's loosest possible form) infatuated, mind numbed, 'Ooo look shiny' generation of viewers who, I fear, wouldn't know decent drama o quaility writing if it showed up on their doorstep, slapped them upside the head and said 'hello, I'm Being Human'. 

It seems nothing remains safe from the current culling of drama on one of the British flagship channels, ITV, unless of course it's associated with that ego iflated man, with the highest waistline on television. Who I've also learned is to get an award for services to the music and television industry over the last decade.  If it were possible for me to spit fire right now...I mean really? cheap, talentless, vomit inducing, power trip shows which use the public fasination with car crash telly to wring out every last quid from their wallets, whilst occasionally setting off fireworks to give to appearence of expense....* walks away shaking head and making disgruntled muttley like noises of contempt*...yet another nail in the coffin of British Television!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Clean

I spent the entire day washing, cleaning, dusting and generally having a proper spruce up session, long overdue I might add, of my bedroom....I even hoovered my bed and all of my pillows and can once again see that fabled thing called 'the floor'. Then in the evening I tripped over the one item I'd left on my floor and twisted my ankle, yes the same ankle...I know I suck.

On another note guess what's returning too the Beeb very soon indeed....quite excited

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Springtime Quiz

Crikey time does fly, it's nearly spring..yay, at least that's what the weathermen keep telling me.  Looking out of my window proves otherwise...and what does springtime bring? who knows, but I hoping for either something positive career wise, a rather healthy lottery win or Jensen Ackles stopping by for a cuppa.

I will get round to the Wolf SG Worlds convention report, I've had other things on my mind recently, until then, how about a little quiz to keep people amused....If you're like me and watch lashings of TV, this should be a breeze and, due to my less than fruitful money tree, it's purely for fun....answers in the comment section please....

TV Intro Quiz