Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Biggest Blog in the World

Okay, so, the BBC website reported that the historymatters website is asking for everyone to write a blog of what you did on the 17th Oct 2006. The idea is to create the biggest blog ever which will then be stored in an archive, somewhere, in Britain....go to the website for the's late and I'm very tired and I can't remember where it's to be stored exactly (I have visions of some geeky nerd with wall to wall computers and special cooling units who will use these blog entries for his own attempt at world domination......Hi Josh). I have written my entry and thought I would paste in straight into my own blog coz to be honest I'm just too tired to write anything witty or profound.

So without further ado:

My day started at 8.15am as I got up, ate a bowl of Shreddies and got ready for a full day of lectures at Southampton Solent University, where I study Film and Television.

It was a dark and misty day which made it a hard task to crawl out of bed and get enthused for the day ahead. The lecture started at 9am prompt and I held my focus for an hour while the lecturer talked about the director Pedro Almodovar and his influences from Classical Hollywood pictures.

After a ten minute break I settled down to watch the scheduled screening of the Spanish film 'All About My Mother' (A reference to the classic 'All About Eve') and I admit by about halfway through I had a little doze. This is little reflection on the quality of and interest in the film, but a general drowsiness from the cold I currently have.

Lunch was a working one. I ate my egg mayonnaise sandwich and Twix whilst discussing a plan for a seminar, I have to hold, with classmates on the television series 'Kingdom Hospital' in a weeks time.

After this brief recess I attended the seminar on the film we had watched earlier in the day. A discussion forum was held by a group of five visiting Spanish students and went on for nearly two hours.

I finished Uni at around 3pm after scheduling a meeting with a tutor and swinging by the library to discard the weight of books I have recently trawled through from my bag. (I see a deformed spine and crooked shoulder in my not too distant future)

Home, during term time, is a flat in the Ocean Village area of Southampton, shared with fellow students and a mere ten minutes walk from the Uni. I had little time to relax, however, as I had to photocopy two chapters from a book on 'British Television and American Culture', watch as much of the TV series 'Kingdom Hospital' as possible and write a list of books and their uses for a literary review and meeting with my tutor tomorrow morning, with regards to my dissertation.

At 5.30pm I left the flat to attend the Film Club, held at the Uni, and to watch the recently released film 'Brick'. After the screening we drank free wine and eloped to the local pub, The Fat Cat, for a free buffet dinner (consisting of the regular buffet fare of sausage rolls, chicken sarnies, chicken nuggets and the not so regular packets of haribo sweets) to discuss the film we had just watched. This turned into a rather more informal chat about life, the universe and everything.

I left the pub at around 10pm, returned to my flat and caught up on my flatmates' day before returning to my literary review which I completed in an hour. Finally, having some time to relax, I switched on the television to watch the repeated version of 'Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes' on the new channel 'Five US'. I intend to snuggle into bed when it finishes at a little after 1am. October 17th was a hectic day compared to regular daily student life.

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