Friday, November 24, 2006

Poxy Mercury Point Fire Alarm!

Well, mine's been a mixed bag recently...high, low, high, low, low, low.....and so sleep is becoming problematic, concentration a luxury etc. Anyhoo, this morning was fun (after a fashion)...I'd been up till stupid o'clock working on script stuff and had an appointment with my script supervisor at 11.15am. I settled down to get an hours kip, setting my alarm for 10.20am. The poxy tester fire alarm, which should only go off every other week and that was last week, was sounded at 10am, confusing the heck out of me, who thought it was her own alarm going off andso, in bleary-eyed wisdom, switched it off.....Doh!

I was all snugly and sleepified for another 45 mins before I realised what I'd done, shot out of bed and nearly ran out of the flat still in my PJ's. Got just about enough wits together to throw on a form identifiable to that of an outfit and odd socks before hoofing it to uni. I made it with 3 mins to spare, a personal record.

The good part was, as I was explaining my script stuff, Mark (tutor) was very positive about my ideas, dare I say he actually likes it and says there's a market for this kind of story at the moment....hmm, a script by Emma Kidd....I dunno, personally I think I need a cooler sounding pen name, Emma Kidd doesn't have much of a starry ring to it if you ask me...feel free to make (non-dirty, or sweary) suggestions.


Josh said...

Have you tried something like Jesse Jane or Devon Stryker?

Emma said...

I'm not writing a porn film Josh!