Monday, September 18, 2006

Wild Britain

Proving that the UK can be the center of weirdness a news report today mentioned that the great British countryside is becoming home for many animals usually associated with a more humid and pleasant climate. According to the report a survey has been carried out in which people have identified various beast from snakes, wallabies, penguins, raccoons and eagles to (and perhaps more worryingly) wild boar, scorpions, sharks, wolves and crocodiles! There has been nearly 6,000 official sightings of big cats across the UK and, probably the most odd, three Pandas....Pandas for crying out loud!

I obviously haven't been paying enough attention when I'm out on my travels, although we have a resident parrot in the local area and I once saw a possum cross the road coming home from the flicks one night.

Naturally a lot of these sightings are being associated with changing climate, higher temps in the UK, changing habitats...blah, blah, blah. So I'm guessing it has zilch to do with people having exotic animals as pets illegally and then releasing them into the wild before they get into trouble with the police then...coz that would be just crazy talk I spose.

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