Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Need My Sci-Fi Fix

Being the sci-fi geek/addict that I am, and a particularly impatient one at that, I've just caught up on the latest episode of Stargate: Atlantis (the same show which I have been talking incessantly to my family about for about the last ten weeks...who really don't get/have no interest in what-so-ever).

What can I say though....love the plots, love the dialogue (much of which highly self referring and has plenty of in-jokes and pop cultural references to keep a geek like me amused), love the character dynamics and acting (David Hewlett aka Dr. Rodney McKay tops the list....his eye acting alone should be given it's own award), love the special effects & set design (even if it's borrowed from SG:1) lighting and use of colour (there's an essay to be had there somewhere).

So it rather annoys me that I have discovered that there's a hiatus of 6 months...that's 6 MONTHS people! Who's stupid idea was that? The episode was, naturally, a two parter, which means I now have to wait 6 painstakingly slow and tedious months to find out if the SG:A team rescue the city, O'Neill, Woolsey and the Ancients from the human form of the replicators. (I know, the answer is of course blatantly obvious since there are a further 10 or so episodes to air...but I'm having a rant here). Where the heck am I going to find my Sci-Fi hit for the next 6 months?

To make matters worse I start back at Uni next week and have to put up with the few meager digital channels on offer, which don't include the Sci-Fi Channel or Sky One, both of which air repeats of SG:1 and SG:A....I can feel the cold shiver and sweats of withdrawal as we speak.

Furthermore, SG:A premieres in the UK in October (on Sky One) and the only break from airing episodes will probably be around Christmas time. With a 6 month break in the US, the second half of the series will start to air across the pond around April sometime, meaning the UK will have caught up somewhen in January with the episode which I have just watched, via LimeWire. Due to some kind of parallel Universe scheduling time travelling paradox, theoretically the UK will actually be airing the episodes before they debut in the US right? (I can only wish)......I think I have actually given myself brain damage thinking about that one.....but 6 MONTHS for cryin' out loud!!

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