Sunday, November 05, 2006

Remember, Remember...

WWIII is currently taking place outside my window which is pleasant when one is trying to relax watching an evenings TV. By WWIII I naturally mean that wonderful time of year which is Guy Fawkes night. The only fireworks that Joe public manage to find of course are the atrocious things which just flash/bang at stupid o'clock, or even better those whistling things....bah humbug.

There was of course the official effort from Southampton and, while the 'kids' forked out £3 a head to go to the fair and fireworks at Mayflower park in the cold, I just watched the whole thing for free in the warmth of the flat. Oh the joys of the thirteenth floor. The pics are the best I can do with a digital camera, through a double glazed window with no proper night filter thingy.

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