Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Night in With the Mates

Just had to get an entry in whilst it's all still fresh in my mind....Ok this probably won't make much sense to anyone but me, but I don't care.

In the flat Josh and Ellen were round and Dan was in top form....Ellen struggled to tell a story about going to Rome looking at a statue which she didn't know was the Virgin Mary, not funny when it's written down but the first time she told the tale only dogs could hear it, the second she was crying from laughter and finally she managed to complete the story...By which time we were laughing hard purely because Ellen was.

Then there was Ellen's fixation/fantasy about a bath filled with melted Chocolate and a Battenberg, like I said this will mean nothing to most just a chosen few.

One of Dan's old teachers pronounces develop as devollup and I laughed so hard I turned into Mutley. On the back of this we have decided to start pronouncing random words wrong to see if it catches on.

By the way Dan has comic timing which is pure genius and, freakily we were studying the construct of a Comedic script only today, brings up stuff mentioned a the beginning of a conversation at the perfect moment for much hilarity.

Oh a the less said about 'raping, bumming, Jesus!' the better.......I love my flat!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Back In Southampton

Er....does what it says on the tin really. LThe last semester of my 2nd year now and I should be doing work....or unpacking, but i've got to get up early tomorrow to go to lectures so I can't be arsed to do either....so I'm watching the 2nd half of Sharpe's Challenge instead, Ah Sean Bean....a little rougher round the edges than he used to be but still Sharpe none the less!

Observation of the Day

It is very early in the day so my opinion may change in the next 22hrs, but at the moment the observation is thus.....never watch Never Mind the Buzzcocks whilst drinking water and using the computer as expensive electrical shortages may occur!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Own Stupidity Astounds Me!

I finally got in another walk with my pa yesterday near West Dean woods and to a little pub hidden away at Hooksway. It was very pleasant walking through the woods and along a bit of the South Downs Way but in my keenness to be a proper walker, I had a stick and everything, I forgot to wear decent thick socks whilst wearing my hardcore boots. Within 20 minutes I had blisters on the bottom of both feet and when I started walking on the edge of my feet I somehow managed to pull muscles in both of my legs. I had to wuss out after I'd walked around 6 miles and reached Chilgrove and sent dear old dad to fetch the car! Yes I suck and it was such a girlie thing to have happen.....grrrrrr!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Doctor Who and Repeat

Just watched the first episode of the new series of doctor Who....Not as good as it could have been but I'm an addict and like to see series through so I won't be tuning out. David Tennant is pulling off the Doctor just fine, and I love his wardrobe...retro chic and yet decidely Doctor quirky. So anyway the upcoming episodes look good...Next week Queen Vic vs. A werewolf and might I say that Rose looks very Buffy circa 1997 in the dungarees. Oh and a brief clip of an unspecified episode had me reminiscing about another of Russell T's TV series aimed at kids from my own childhood.....Dark Seasons, and specifically the first three episodes.

For thoses with the memory of a gnat this brilliant CBBC drama was on in 1991 and about a girl called Marcie and her friends Thom and Reet (a young Kate Winslet), outcasts at school and always thinking the world is out to get them. Marcies gives new meaning to the term eccentric (a bit like the good Doctor) and carries allsorts of essential items in her school bag, including a paddle (because 'you never know when you'll be up the creek') and is instantly suspicious when a kindly benefactor Mr. Eldrich ( tall blonde guy in a Blues Bros esque suit and shades) donates a load of top notch (for the 90's) personal computers for every child in the school. Long story short the computers will brainwash the unsuspecting kids when they switch them on and only Marcie and the gang can stop the evil Eldritch from world domination. It was a fantastic kids drama and I'm lucky enough to have an, unofficial, DVD.....But dear friends Mr Davies has also not forgotten the one time drama as I glimpsed in the trailer for upcoming episodes of Doctor Who a bunch of kids sitting in front of their computers at school, emitting a strange green glow, and a crazed Tony Head (Giles,Buffy) running the halls....the episode is number 3, School Reunion, and I for one will be looking out for the Dark Season comparisons.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Walks and Hunts

What a lovely day it was yesterday, Spring but with a touch of Winter, the wind was chuffing freezing. Still my pa and I made the most of it by walking from Arundel to Amberly across the fields and along the river Arun. It was around 5 miles and we stopped for lunch in Burpham where there were a small herd of, get this, Bison. Now I've never seen a real live Bison before and this particular herd, behind the church, were awesome and even had a calf which was soooooo cute. We continued walking on this old smugglers route and came across a suspension bridge at the edge of a field, kind of in the middle of nowhere really. Ahhh the oddities of the sussex countryside.

So after my attempt at ambling during the day, my evening was spent at Reigate caves up in Surrey, doing my ghostbusting effort. The caves a pretty interesting, even if the guys which run them are a little more than strange. For the most part not much happened, an unfortunate trait of this particular hobby, but saying that i did gat an annommally on one of my pics (bottom left corner). I can tell you what it's not; it's not a stone, sand, a reflection, smoke or someone's breath....what i can't tell you is what it is.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Don't Panic!!!

Nice to know that the trusty British news broadcasters don't intend to produce a panic state amongst viewers over this old bird flu business. Switched on the TV today and it's all 'Bird flu reaches the UK!' 'Should we be worried about eating chicken!' 'Have the government done enough!' 'Are we at risk!' blah, blah, blah. My take on the whole thing.....Quit worrying! There's not much we can do about it anyway and,, at the moment it's not even transferable human to human...You've got more chance of being hit by a bolt of lightening and for fucks sake if you find a dead bird, don't pick it up! We'll all get along just fine and I won't have to shout at you for being stupid. And as for the news broadcasters stop pretending to be all American about it, report on the stupidity of Bush instead...Hours of entertainment for all the family there and pretty much guaranteed never to run out of material, so everyone's happy.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Oops I've Been Slacking

Okay, so I know it's been a while, just over a week since my last posting to be exact. But then again I've had a hectic one.

I had lectures and filming early last week then I found I had to come home a couple of days earlier than predicted because my old man had to go in for surgery and wouldn't be able to pick up me, or more accurately all my junk. So I was way busy trying to get the reading which I needed for over Easter, packing and squeezing in a couples of sessions at the gym.

So anyway I'm home...Back to my little place in the sun, and what a lush few days we've had down here in Bognor....sunniest place in the UK I'll have you know, so suck on that Miami!!

The best thing about being back, well I haven't had the chance to catch up with friends yet so this at the mo is top, and that's Sky TV people, oh and a Limewire connection which doesn't take a millennia to download.

I've certainly been making the most of the latter in the last few days, I hate to wait for stuff, especially when said stuff is excellent dramas such as prison Break or Navy: NCIS so I've pretty much downloaded the lot. My poor computer is showing me what it's made of that's for sure....Now if it could only download a life sizedWentworth Miller or Jensen Ackles ;-)