Friday, November 17, 2006

God is Watching....Quick Look Busy!

Lovely weather today...glad I live on the 13th floor...even the ducks are panicking. Last night I was watching This Life with Ally when a couple of flashes of lightning occurred outside. Then as we looked out the window a bolt hit the ground just outside the window, shook the building and gave an almighty bang almost instantaneously....scaring the bejesus out of the pair of us. It was really cool!!

I'm surprised the bolt hit the ground, considering that the block of flats we live in is the highest building in Southampton. Mum always used to tell us kids to switch off and unplug everything electrical during a thunderstorm for the reason that if the house got hit all the appliances would blow retrospect this is probably the main reason that storms used to scare the crap out of me as a small child....thanks for that mum. Still the bolt missed us...more luck than anything and no appliances were sacrificed.

So...back to This Life...I watched this drama when it aired ten years ago and had forgotten just how good it is. So it is with much excitement that the reason that it is being repeated now is that a brand new reunion episode is to be shown at Christmas...I'm actually quite excited. The one thing which I remember the most about the series is the most fantastic and unladylike punch which Milly bestowed on some poor, and yet oh so deserving, woman right at the end of the run....absolute legend.
And lastly...I am oh so very jealous, as the advanced screening and Q & A session of A Dog's Breakfast has taken place in LA......without me, bloody cheek! I can only hope that TPTB do the same in London ASAP!

P.S. I have just realised it's Children in Need tonight......that explains the dreadful television plus rain coming down in stair rods equals hilarious system errors and equipment malfunctions.

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Josh said...

"I can only hope that TPTB do the same in London ASAP!"