Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Greetings

Okay, yes I have been absent from the world of blogging for a while now, mainly due to some health issues which are hopefully now under control. But since this year is drawing to a close I thought I'd put up a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year type entry,, drink (since I can't), be merry and save me some chocolate!....And Cake....And mince pies.....And stollen.....actually don't eat just save it for me!

P.S check out the dancing elf Ally I made:

P.P.S to be fair I've seen Ally dance and the elf is better, ;-)

P.P.P S (if you can do that) Here's one of Natty too, it's like she never left:


Josh said...

LOL! Natty is a natural elf!

Ali is a good dancer. You were probably drunk, and in fact saw me dance. Now thats bad!

I hope you are well. It is nice to hear you are feeling better. I am back from the Christmas hols now and all by myself :(

Missing you loads!

Have a happy new year!!!!


Emma said...

just be thankful I couldn't find any pictures of yourself!

Josh said...


Happy New Year!