Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quaker for the 21st Century

The video in the last post was because I had just figured out how to post vids from youTube and got all excited. I loved Muppet Babies when I was a kid, still do if truth be known, especially Animal....They should really bring back the Muppets, way better than the Strictly Come X-Factor tripe served up every weekend vaguely disguised as family entertainment.

Much hilarity was had by all the other night whilst watching an ad break, of all things. There's a quaint advert for Quaker porridge oats featuring a character from a classic children's show from the 70's, Windy Miller. The ad's are a little bit more risque than the original format but are very funny. This particular ad features a friend of Windy's who's come to visit from Scandinavian and sporting an altogether different style of dress code. After some strategic product placement, as to not offend young eyes, there was a slight unintentional (though I would suggest it was completely intentional) lapse and us eagle eyed students took pleasure in pointing out the apparent great attention in detail of an extra bit of plasticine.

A few days later a report in the daily Mirror indicated that this had been noticed by people other than students with way too much time on their hands.

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