Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Wills & Kate Day

Well that was pretty darned fabulous.  I caved at all the hype and stayed at my sisters for a understated and exclusive party.  Watching footage of the big day thoughout the morning and most of the afternoon.  Highlights for me...wondering if the DVLA realised none of the wedding cars appeared to have a tax disc, the Queen with a blue blanket keeping her legs warm in the car just like my mum does on a nippy car journey, Kate's dress, what a delisciously heavenly dress, Harry's comment to Wills of 'Wait until you see her dress' as Kate approached the alter, Will's sly and cheeky wink during the service to his new bride, Kate's 'Oh, Wow!' comment as she stepped out onto the balcony and saw the thousands of people in the Mall, the kiss(es), Kate's little look back over her shoulder as she stepped back into the Palace and the Austin Martin 'JU5T WED' indeed.  In all a fabulous day and not a drop of rain in sight...In your face British weather!

Ready for the off

 What an amazing dress, Kate looked absolutely magical

Loved the cheeky looks Wills and Kate shared throughout the service

The carriage was gorgeous 

Just one or two folks in the Mall then

Gotta love a fly by

Though the little bridesmaid in the front left obviously not as keen

When close to a million people are chanting 'Kiss her' then I guess you oblige

What a sweet couple they are too

The Sea King fly by as Wills and Kate left Buckingham Palace

And the newlyweds leave in style...I think Harry may know something about the balloons and decorations...classy ;-)

It was a really nice, elegant and enchanting ceremony. It's easy to see why Wills and Kate are a favourite amongst us peasants.  Two very impressed thumbs up!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How to Blow Off the Gym With Style

Have I mentioned recently the exceptionally sunny sunshine we've been having during the last month.  Largely I can become very stationary when the weather follows the usual pattern of general dull and suckyness and apart from the gym there has been little to get my juices going and my arse off the comfort of my bed. 

So I decided to make the most of the fashionable early summer.  Never one with much inclination to get involved with the chores of the garden I have actually had fun helping out the parentals.  Digging out bushes with massive routes, digging and leveling soil, trimming shrubs and painting the wood framed greenhouse and trellis (nearly without getting any on me clothes, hands, glasses and the street sign I was using to lean the trellis against)

I cleaned up my bike, which has spent the last year living in the garage, and went out over the busy Easter weekend to have a gander at a car boot sale a few miles away.  It was largely old tat but I did savour the fact that on my return journey I passed a queue of traffic several miles long (all attempting to get away for the weekend) while I happily chuffed on by on my bicycle....suckers!

And of course what would a spell on fabulous weather be without some kind of jaunt into the luscious South Down countryside.

Cocking Down is one of the easiest parts of the South Downs to get to on my own, I just have to go all round the houses on a bus for an hour and 20 mins.  It is however very worth it

Traditions upheld, this kind of fencing has been used on the Downs for decades

You can tell it's still early in the season as the trees in the distance have yet to find their leaves

Aww, ickle cattle

And this is where I stopped for lunch, the Trig marker useful for checking I'm not lost (yet)

Since the South Downs have become a National Park there has been quite a bit of work down, clearing areas surrounding the ancient tumuli and maintaining paths

The protected Graffham Down

 And I guess a less this once was (sheep?) the skull left in the middle of the track in a not at all creepy fashion

This is actually looking back upon the hill I just descended and climbing back up the other side (one of 3 hills in this walk)

I had to keep reminding myself in the 27 degree heat that it was in fact still Spring, the trees are still sporting the fresh greens of the time of year.

Keeping an eye out for Hobbits and other such fantastical creatures....

What an epically fantastic place for a rope swing

And finally after 7.5 miles I reach Selhurst Park and this is the view from the much appreciated bench while I waited for my lift home.

Just visible on the top of the hill, Halnaker Windmill

And this stuff will be recognized by any hay-fever suffers out there, Mustard seed looks fantastic in the fields but by-crikey it pen and inks

So there you have Cocking Down to Selhurst Park on the South Downs Way, looking fabulous in the sunshine if I do say so myself....easy to see why I'd rather be up here than down on the beach with only chavs for company.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Cross Buns and other Stories

Blimey, doesn't time fly when you're not looking.  The last month has been amazingly sunny, ridiculously in fact and very unseasonal.  A couple of years ago much of the country had been covered in snow during April...this year much of the country has been basking in temperatures hotter than parts of the Med, L.A. and at one point Rio...whoop!

So then what does one do when Easter is hot enough to turn your eggs into puddles of molten Chocolate....turns out quite a lot actually.  Just so happens that the Easter weekend fell on my fathers birthday this year and because of the the dandy weather the traditional roast was ousted in favour of the BBQ.  My sister and her fiancee were cordially invited the garden based do and much merriment was father in particular had several pints of merriment and spent the latter part of the afternoon thoroughly examining the backs of his eyelids.

My sister takes charge of the BBQ while Emma stands at a safe distance after singeing the hairs off her arm

"Cheese"....and hot dogs, salad, chicken, tatties and cheesecake

The Birthday boy enjoys his pint (or 4)


After all our bellies were filled to acceptable levels Emma and I wandered up to offer the neighbourhood Donkeys some Easter munchies in the form of sliced apple.

Awww, cute, fluffy Donkeys

And after all that snacking on apple....

And in case you missed it