Friday, October 27, 2006

Stress Levels!!!

It's been a tough old week this one. This whole year 3 thing is bloody hard work don't you know. If I hadn't actually been applying myself over the last two years I would have gone completely loopy by now that's for sure.

Anyhoo I've had a couple of big deadlines this week, I have another Monday morning but it's all under control and as I'm waiting for laundry I thought I'd update on here before I get into study mode yet again. So the first deadline was a seminar I had to take with Alison and Henriette on the Danish series Kingdom and it's American counterpart Kingdom Hospital. We'd been preparing for this over the last two weeks which involved watching both of the series several times (that's at least 20 hours of television) and doing tons of research so that we knew are subject matter inside out. We've done presentations before but never been in charge of an entire seminar, which is a nerve wrecking feeling as it is without knowing that your lecturer is sitting in marking your performance...And I might add without a select group of people, who are supposed to be adults, acting like your average five years olds. Long story short a mis communication/ act of bitching lead to a group of individuals who are usually very chatty in seminars sitting in completely silence even when asked a direct question by myself. Grrrrrrrrr. I succeeded in not rising to the bait and carried on with the seminar regardless, but I'm sure that my lecturer figured out something was amiss and I hope it didn't effect our grades. I feel sorry for Hen and Ali, later Ali told me that she was seconds from fleeing from the class in tears because of what these people were doing.....I was stunned by the childish behavior from the group of 21 year olds and have since taken a more 27 year old approach to clearing up matters...Mainly discussing what happened with each individual over a few drinks. They still seem to think that what they did is perfectly acceptable and I will certainly be very careful with what I say in future .

So, that was my rant....Also did I mention that the day of this incident I was as sick as a dog all morning and most of the afternoon and hadn't eaten a bean all day...Thinking about that the kiddies got off lightly because, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I can get a little bit testy when my blood sugar level drops...And by testy I mean glowing red eyes, set of horns and an a sudden impulse to jabbing people with a long, pointy fork.

The other pressure type thing this week was the hand in date of a lit review, which is kind of a list of the books I've been reading for my dissertation. You'd think it was really easy just to make a list of books....Surprisingly it isn't, you have to apply them to your research and do lots of other boring and involved stuff which I can't be bothered to go into. Still I got it down, but not before I changed my opinion of what I'd written at midnight the day before it was due and spent the next 8 hours re-writing the whole thing. Needless to say I was a little tired yesterday (I even turned down watching the next volume of Stargate: Atlantis with Josh!!) , still I managed to find the energy, during the day, to meet Ali for a discussion about the next seminar we have to take which is this coming Monday....argh!!

At least I have great flatmates....Ally, bless her, heard about my unfortunate day last Tues and bought me a new pair of slippers to cheer me up and I got the big, yellow duck for the night (it's kind of a snuggly cheer up device reserved for those who are ill or had a very bad day....It also needs a wash ASAP)

Not much more to report really, the stress levels are slowly returning to normal as after Monday there's no very important due dates imminent so I'll have a chance to crack on with dissertation and script stuff....As we say in the flat 'It's all good'.

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Chloe said...

It'll be Christmas soon! (That's all I could think of to say!) Kids. Beat them with sticks.