Saturday, October 24, 2009

If You Have a Problem and No One Else Can Help.....

And if you can find them, maybe you can hire.....

The A-Team (Class of 2010)...L-R Bradley Cooper - Face, Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson - B.A., Sharlto Copely - Murdock and Liam Neeson - Hannibal

So, this is the re-imagined team huh? hmmm, why does Liam Neeson look like he's tryin' real hard with his 'best' George Peppard impression and is it going to be a version like that dire Starsky and Hutch Ben Stiller rip or something actually watchable...I'm not asking for a complete 80's revisitation as the 80's are pretty much best left to the rose tinted haze of my memories...but a fair, decent and humorous facsimile thereof isn't too much to ask of Hollywood right?....right!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Are You Sitting Comfortably....

Once upon a time in a land far, far away the heavens unexpectedly opened and, in a mass of light and thunder, delivered unto this world an enigma of talent, charisma and' the funny' wrapped in human form and speaking in the tone of Canadian. This is the only possible explanation for the whirlwind which passed through Heathrow earlier this month...two other similar sightings have occurred thus far in recent years...which left witnesses in a slightly befuddled stated, with an inability to frown and the urge to burst into fits of giggles for at least a week after exposure...candid shots have since shown up on various internet sites and I strongly urge you should you see the following do not....I not feed him any sugar based substances or those high in e-numbers....

This infamous being answers to the name of Chuck Campbell

A byproduct of Ryan Robbins being ill and unable to attend Haven1 meant a lucky opening for everyones favourite technician from Stargate: Atlantis and the equally endearing Two-Faced Guy off of Sanctuary and because Chuck is the pleasant surprise which keeps on giving he also took on the role of MC for the entire weekend...This meant alotta Chuck, of which I (and everyone in attendance) was not complaining.

On the second day of the convention Chuck took it upon himself to introduce the audience to a game in which he once partook at a party...this involved volunteers (L-R Jane, Fuchia and Steph) answering the following simple questions (feel free to join in) 1. name you three favourite living things, 2. what would you do if you were confronted with a never ending wall? and 3. if you could drink only one drink for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

These were Jane's answers: Three favourite living things - Daniel Craig, because he's gorgeous (I hear that), The Ocean - because Daniel Craig's coming out of in 'those' trunks scene, and Chris Judge - because he's big...Jane would swear at the wall and walk away and an everlasting southern comfort with lemonade and lime.

Steph went with Chris Heyerdahl - because he's cuddly (he really is for a Wraith), Chuck Campbell - because he's funny, Robin Dunne - because he drops his pants, she would run alongside the wall and finally Sambooka because it burns on the way down.

Now Fuchia would have come up with something deep and profound, had young Phillipa not done some Jeff Dunham type activity and 'helped' with her answers ending up with a vibrating turkey baster - because it's tingly, AA batteries (can't remember why) and handcuffs because they help with her job. 'What am I doing in China' was her answer to the never ending wall and finally a cold pint of Guinness 'just hands baby, just the hands' (yep no idea either but it's Fuchia)

So with all the questions answered Chuck took it upon himself to enlighten the class as to the 'secret' meaning behind the quiz (and feel free to go back and read the answers of the fast becoming embarrassed volunteers and also Robin's answer from my previous post)....the first living thing is how you see yourself, the second is how others say they see you and the third is how people actually see you....Oh, Fuchia, poor Fuchia....The whole how you react when faced by a bloomin' great wall is how you look at death and finally the whole favourite drink thing is how you regard sex (obviously)...During this whole session which I have named 'Drinking Games with Chuck Campbell' the guffawing was infectious and my ribs were still aching several days later...especially as Chuck added that during the party he had attended one woman had answered the drink question with 'Single malt as it reminds me of my father' and another person said 'urine, because I've never tried it before' (can I just say 'ewwww')

So what other nuggets of pure gold did Chuck wish to impart...He once had a friend who gave up playing Ice Hockey as he found it 'too slippery'....he lost a staring competition with a fish in a tank at the hotel....Um......moving swiftly on.....he likes Turtles...the candy version not the animal version...and became quite the fan of McVities chocolate Hob-Nob biscuit over the weekend, though I'm thinking it was a little more with the being called a 'Hob-Nob' and a little less with the malty/oaty/chocolately goodness....due to Chuck's in touchness with his inner moppet ;-)

If imparted with the task of stealing an Elephant (I think I speak for everyone when I say...huh?) he would choose to carry out the mission under cover of darkness, luring the mammal away with peanuts and then concealing the beast within the confines of an airport....because 'who would think to look for an Elephant at an airport'....who indeed, there is a scary amount of logic in the mostly non-sensical scenario.

Now, at some point a chili was presented to Chuck, apparently concerning some backstage shenanigans which then became the 'Chuck Chili Challenge'

This was the result

In the following few minutes of discussion Chuck first said it wasn't too bad, then accepted a banana that someone offered when the heat kicked in, almost drank some water before the entire audience yelled at him not too (water+ red hot chili= baaaad) then finally he was presented with a glass of milk which apparently hit the spot and quelled the 'mouth of fire' poor Chuck was experiencing...

Chuck was all smiles when I got my photo shoot...I know I shouldn't have favourites but it's Chuck and he gives the best hugs :D

That's all for now...I still have a little more to impart...fairly-well until then

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Introducing Robin 'Over' Dunne

Apparently a young German fellow who got kicked off a train for failing to buy a ticket and continued to have a sucky day when, as he stuck his naked butt against the window in frustration, his jeans got caught in the closing door and dragged him along the platform before passengers pulled the emergency stop. The young man was then left in a half undressed, slightly battered and no doubt humbled state for his arrest which followed shortly thereafter.....In short my recent days haven't been quite as sucky as this poor chap.....

And on that note let's look at guest number four at the most excellent Wolf Haven 1 convention....

Robin Dunne, another actor having his con cherry popped amongst this ravenous crowd of fans. I was quite excited to see this chap for a few reasons: he's a fella who's very easy on the eyes, Will is my favourite character on Sanctuary (Okay, so it's a four-way tie with Henry, Bigfoot and Two-Faced Guy...but who can choose right?) and Robin happens to be playing Robin Hood in a soon to be release Sy-Fy produced version of the tale which just happened to be the subject matter of my final year dissertation at like I said, quite excited.'s the man mate Nicky has a better zoom than I, thus en-capturing Robin's coy handsome-ness better than I

First up and things are looking good for a 3rd season of Sanctuary, although nothing has been confirmed, but 'when' it is the series will probably be upgraded to a 20 episode run....great news for us fans, though robin commented that for all our excitement the extra work schedule meant he would spend much of his free time sleeping.

Robin is a self proclaimed movie nut (a man after my own heart) and spent much of his time as a kid engrossed in celluloid goodiness. He had a tough time choosing when ask what his favourite movie was and mentioned he's a fan of the Star Wars films (the original trilogy...coz the others just aren't worthy) especially Empire Strikes Back and the Shining. He's also a fan of British films Sexy Beast and Withnail & I...which led to a couple of impromptu Ray Winstone and Richard E Grant impressions.

He talked about the culture of sci-fi/fantasy in Britain and the the history involved with the productions, one of the differences between British and American produced shows as not so much with the history across the pond...Apparently while in a pub in Ireland the landlord, when discovering Robin's country of origin exclaimed 'I've got a roof older than your country' (done with thick Irish accent).

At one of the parties I had a similar discussion, especially about links with Robin Hood and the recent Merlin series. Robin asked me about the recent series of Robin Hood and why the character is so popular for reinterpretations. At which point I probably waffled on out the 'everyman hero' and links with periods of 'hero' representation in British history and culture (I know...not just a pretty face...hehe)

He seemed genuinely interested in British produced Sci-Fi and Fantasy shows and we chatted for some time about Robin of Sherwood (my favourite re-imagining) at which point Robin broke into 'Ray Winstone' once again. He mentioned that he wasn't sure how the recent adaptation he was involved with will turn out (it is a sy-fy production after all) though one of his co-stars is Julian Sands (whom some will be familiar as Origin baddie Doci, off of SG-1) and Robin will be taking on a Dragon. Personally I'm quite interested in Robin's interpretation of the character as part of my study was character based...but I digress...

If he could write a storyline for Sanctuary it would involve Will meeting his father and exploring that back which point Robin broke into 'I am your father!' a'la Star Wars, to much chuckles.

In the following picture Robin realises he just left his shadow on the wall from all the camera flashes...sometimes it can appear as if a nuclear explosion just occurred in the room ;-)

Also from mate Nicky, since I was too slow, Robin reacts to one persons paparazzi style camera, the shutter of which resembled a gun's huh, can never resist a death scene....

Apparently he and Damian Kindler (writer/producer for Sanctuary) have been known to prank each other. Robin took it one stage further when he invented an overzealous fan character who would send fan mail and presents to Damian. This continued for quite some time gradually building to 'bunny boiler' type proportion. Eventually, while both attending a signing event Robin mentioned that the 'fan' was fast approaching...gaining the appropriate final pay-off reaction from Damian, before letting on that it had been a long-con prank....I'm thinking that these days Robin 'looks innocent but is actually the axis of evil' Dunne is watching his back.

Someone asked what kind of power he would chose if Will ever became abnormal, he replied that invisibility and the ability to stop time, like Hiro off of Heroes, would be pretty cool.

If he could travel in time Robin would go back to the 60's, 20's or Medieval period. Essentially times of 'change'.

Some of Robins favourite programmes include Battlestar Galactica, Entourage and In Treatment...he mentioned that Gabriel Byrne excelled in the latter, noting that it was great watching the actor in a role which is perfect for him. (note to self: seek out and find In Treatment)

I can't for the life of me remember why Robin is apparently giving the 'V'...I think it's actually more innocent than it appears and he was actually counting out something. He also spoke about his role of Robin Hood in Beyond Sherwood and that learning to fire arrows was harder than it appears, especially since the character is an adept archer, and when he had to fire multiple arrows, pulling them from a pouch on his back, he had a bit of trouble getting the hang. (no doubt cast and crew were ducking for cover...hehe)

Robin's favourite toy was anything Star Wars related, also asking us audience if it was weird that he still gets excited about Star Wars Lego (not at can one not get excited by Star Wars Lego)

We got onto the topic of Doctor Who (this seems to recur at most conventions, thus is the inevitable draw of the kooky Timelord). Robin remembers watching the series growing up, though he admitted to being scared pretty much as soon as the music would start up (right there with ya). 'His' Doctor was Tom Baker, Doctor no. 4 (now there's an age defining question) and was impressed when it was mentioned that we're currently up to number 10 and nearing number 11 (David Tennant we will miss thee). He also mentioned that thinking about the inner and outer proportions of the T.A.R.D.I.S. gives him an ice cream headache.

He was asked what he spent his first pay cheque which point MC Chuck shouted 'Don't say Asian hookers' from the back of the much hilarity. The answer was actually blue Tiger design seat covers for his Ford Escort...classy!

His favourite drink is Guinness because 'it's so good'....keep this in mind when I write up Chuck Campbell's talk ;-)

Robin looks very serious in my photo shoot, but 'very serious' he most certainly isn't

So there you go.....nothing else remotely interesting occurred at either of Robin Dunne's talks...

*ponders and racks brain for anything further information of any possible interest*....

nope nothing to see here...

move along.....

Oh, though there was this....

Yes, Robin Dunne dropped his kecks....if memory serves it was to do with the gang being nervous about attending a meeting with a group of execs and Robin lightening the mood by mentioning 'the worst that could happen would be this' and dropped his trousers....Robin Dunne I salute you...and the photo by the way is from mate Amy forever answering the question boxers of briefs.....amongst other things ;-)....(I 'accidentally' pressed the video button on my fabulous digital camera, though am reserving the right to not put it on YouTube)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Haven 1: Special Guest

Right then....continuing on with what is fast becoming a distant memory...Haven 1, and a special guest who happened to be in town and very graciously popped in to hang out and make us fans giggle somewhat...for one day only....

Colin Ferguson...okay so not so much with the Sanctuary theme, but I'm also a fan of Eureka (amongst many, many other shows) so getting to meet Sheriff Jack Carter in the, very handsome indeed, flesh was way cool.

Here is the handsome devil himself...oozing cool

Note the injured digits on his left hand...apparently he's been doing a touch of home improvements and the silly sausage did himself a mischief and broke a couple a change of vocation isn't in his future....

Although Colin did mention that he had fun directing an episode last season and actually enjoys being that side of the camera more (lets hope that doesn't happen for a while yet...Colin's just too Prutee to hide behind the camera)

He had many kind words for his co-stars especially Jordan Hinson (Zoe) and Jamie Ray Newman (Tess) both of whom are moving on but hopefully will both continue to be a part of the show every so often. There was a really positive response from the audience about Jamie Ray Newman and we're all secretly hoping her new show (Eastwick) doesn't do so well so maybe she'll come back to Eureka full time....Carter needs some happy

Colin mentioned Salli Richardson-Whitfield who had a couple of awkward moments during filming while was walking over a grate in high heels, of which Colin did a super funny impression of the 'seriously?' expression Salli had towards the set designer, whilst mincing in pretend high heels. Also there was a moment where the poor lass tripped at the top of a set of stairs and nearly went base over apex....fortunately hero Joe Morton came to the rescue and she only ended up with a broken shoe.

Someone asked if Colin does any research for his role, since there is quite alot of technobabble involved in the show for those not familiar....Colin replied that cast mate Joe Morton is massively into research but generally he doesn't bother with too much himself because then Carter's reaction of 'What?' to the mass of technobabble he is presented with is more believable. (and he does do the confuzzled expression oh so well)

He's been working in Bulgaria recently on Lake Placid 3 (3....really?) which there is a flying T-Rex (hmmm, um....okey dokey then)

He also mentioned that he gets into trouble with cast mate Neil Grayston (Fargo) while filming scenes inside the house with the A.I. Sarah. Colin and cast have a tendency to ad-lib and thus when it comes to Neil doing the looping later on (as he's the voice of Sarah) there's not enough of a gap in the dialogue which makes it difficult for him to record his part....tut tut Colin and his shenanigans.

It sounds like they all have a blast filming Eureka and Colin was a funny guest, I hope to see him again at a future con. I managed to get a picture and asked for a hug which Colin said 'Of course you can' (It's all about the hugs at a convention) and when I went to get his autograph I mentioned that I'd just seen the last season finale and found the scene with the explosion in the lab, which led to a technobabble conversation in the tone of Chip 'n' Dale, particularly funny, though I'd happened to be drinking a can of coke at the time and that stuff burns when it comes out of your nose...Colin found my pain amusing and mentioned they had tried filming the scene using actual Helium but it hadn't worked....Oh to have been a fly on the wall during that particular day of filming.

And finally, since I'm not the only Eureka fan on this 'ere blog, I picked this up for a mate across the pond......

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Convention O'Clock

Over the last weekend I have tested my stamina, endurance, co-ordination, constitution and patience and have found muscles I never knew I had after laughing heartily for three days solid. Some people would suggest I am in fact a few shades short of actual sanity....purposefully rousing close to dawn, crawling into bed some when in the wee hours and surviving on a diet consisting entirely off of the McD's menu.

This strange world of 'The Convention' exists entirely independently of any recognised time and cultural zone and to those outside 'the know' there remains a certain set of negative connotations and stigma surrounding the self titled geeks whom participate....which to be honest is a shame. I have attended a handful of such events thus far (all courtesy of the Wolf gang....the event organiser not the composer)....I have met, hung out and laughed with an eccentric, intellectual, enthusiastic, hearty, slightly crazy and fun-loving group of people, from all walks of life and representing numerous nationalities....oh, yes it's a motley ol' bunch and truth be told eccentricities are evident in some more than others (gumption worn on their sleeve with honour)....but all told, a friendlier, more welcoming and amusing group of folk could not be found in any other hobby/ interest/sport.....FACT!

Right then Haven 1 Convention write up......Now I'll admit...On the first day of talks I was having way too much fun and forgot to take a single note about what the guests were I'm afraid the reportage is going to be a little lightweight on the facts.

I do recall that Chris Heyerdahl entered to the dulcet tones of Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy on the second day...having a little boogie with everyones favourite MC, Chuck. He talked about one of his more recent projects which is a political drama in which he plays a P.I. all filmed in which point he had a conversation with some if the French fans in the audience....apparently it was very amusing but as I don't know any French I can't tell you the punchline.

He was asked what is most difficult to act, most would presume this is sadness/crying but Chris said comedy is actually quite hard as TV is an editors medium and a scene can be portrayed one way by the actors but cut together by the Editor in another, also with comedy finding the same rhythm in each take can be hard to achieve.

Chris confirms to us fans what the Sanctuary cast get up to between takes ;-)

There was a question about his involvement in the new Twilight Movie, he plays Marcus (yup, not a clue either since I don't follow the series), and he talked about the craziness surrounding the saga and the stars when they all went out for a meal and paps in trees trying to get the first shots while they were filming. He also spoke of the director giving him a pack of information about the 'world' created and the characters to help him better understand the role and saga.

Chris also divulged that he likes to prank his friends by leaving phone messages as 'Wanita'...he then went on to regale us with some of the funny and risque content all in a thick Mexican/Spanish accent.

Chuck had found a 70% off sticker which lead to some comedy 'auction' banter.

Now this does look a little on the suspect let me s'plain...a couple of seats away a friends phone had vibrated in her pocket and tickled mate Nicky also which had them chuckling...This had been noticed by Chris who took the phone and put it in his pocket...see pic...he then dared said friend to call the phone and when she obliged started writhing in a Harry Met Sally kinda way complete with moans....before handing the phone back (no doubt now up on e-bay)

Chris does his 'Hulk' Impression

On Saturday night Robin and Chris had gone to see a play (can't remember which one) in the West End. Unfortunately they had got caught in traffic and had to abandon their car a couple of miles from the theatre, the driver of which handed them the sat-nav. Chris did a funny impression of being overtaken by Robin as the pair sprinted through the London streets, rattling off the areas they passed 'Soho, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Drury Lane' before adding in true Cock-er-ney 'Ello Oliver'. Upon reaching the theatre the ushers were 'busy' having a fag outside the box office, indicating that the show had already started. They asked at the box office if they could still go in, but as they hadn't bought tickets already the attendant said no. They were wondering what to do next and continued to ask if they could sneak in when an usher poking their head round the door to see what was occurring caught sight of Robin and Chris...did a wide eyed double take and waved them over....turns out the person was a Sanctuary fan and managed to get them into the theatre....Sci-Fi fans are the best!

My Photo shoot with Chris...he gives the best hugs!

Next up Emilie Ullerup, first things first this woman is gorgeous inside and out, and this was her first ever convention so she was a little nervous but totally up for it, claiming that she needed to say 'she'd done it all at this convention'...which went down well especially after she'd also said she would 'do anything' as an actor...hehe, seems nobody is immune from foot in mouth syndrome.

After the Sanctuary finale obviously people wanted to know what the future held for her character...true to the tradition of actors keeping schtum Emilie didn't give anything away though she did mention that the new series will be darker.

Emilie spent alot of time travelling growing up as her father's job was a diplomat. She speaks English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian (though the guffaw from Chris up the back of the room indicated that perhaps her Norwegian need a little work) and Vietnamese. Is there no end to this woman's' talent...well apparently her Motorcycle riding skills are a tad rusty, as during filming when her character comes zooming into shot looking all sexy biker chick, there are in fact a group of burly prop hands pushing it to a stop out of shot...Oh, I know, shatter the illusion much.

Due to spending much of her teenage years in Vietnam the country has a special place in Emilie's heart, she could quite happily settle down in the country and was involved with helping homeless kids in her youth. Emilie is also a supporter of the charity Caleb's Hope . She does admit the language is hard to pick up, she knows enough to get by, but once haggled 3,000 grandmas during a purchase.

When asked which character she would like to swap with on the show Emilie said Druitt (aka Jack the Ripper aka Chris Heyerdahl) without missing a beat. Also describing how she would achieve the look 'Bald and with stilts.' to much hilarity. This also lead to a discussion about other actor/character swaps and those mentioned included Robin with the Mermaid, Amanda with Bigfoot and Ryan with the Nubbins.

There was some discussion as to whom Emilie's character Ashley should be 'shipped' with, which got a confused reaction from the poor lass. Someone dutifully explained that 'shipping' is a description of possible relationships in a series at which point Emilie clicked and said 'that's so simple...I though it was something to do with ships'...bless.

Check out the body hugging leather you know anyone who wouldn't look like their legs were made of week old rice pudding in these suckers ;-)

Someone asked what her favourite book and film are...after a pause Emilie named Kite Runner for the book and was stumped a little longer for film before a voice from the back (Kyle her boyfriend) shouted 'Dirty Dancing' which gained an enthusiastic affirmative from Emilie as well as a 'Thanks babe'...she also mentioned that she had seen The Wrestler recently which she liked....quite the ecclectic mix of favourite films then.

There was much discussion about favourite episodes of Sanctuary, hers and the fans, Requiem came out on top, but Emilie had a lot of fun with the Nubbins saying that during filming a green gloopy blob was used as a stand in for the later animated creatures, these became known amongst the cast as 'Ompa Loompas'

So there you go for now...hope you appetite has been sufficiently whetted, more to come...obviously.