Thursday, September 07, 2006

Learning Curve

After 27 years on this planet it's always nice to learn something new....This week I learnt two things:

1.) Carrots don't always have to come in orange, they can be yellow and purple too, multi-coloured carrots....Very 21st century and not genetic mutant carrots either since they were grown in my fathers allotment.

2.) When your slightly geriatric father loses his balance, whilst standing at a grass verge picking blackberries, he will always try to take you with him!( the operative word there is try!!)

Oh have just realized there's a 3, so....

3.) Baywatch is cheesier than a variety cheese basket from a vicarage summer fete in Cheddar gorge! (and yet, as if I am a girl possessed, I seem unable to change the channel....There is no hope for me, just put me in the dictionary under lost cause!)

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