Friday, August 25, 2006

Stargate SG: Done

After ten years of wormhole travel to distant planets, technobabble monalogues, superb special effects, witty dialogue and Michael Shanks (technically nine years and a bit on the latter), Stargate SG:1 has been given it's marching orders by the Sci-Fi channel. It's a great shame really since there are many shows which are currently trying to find their feet in the tough world of the Sci-Fi genre (mostly failing, see Invasion) and yet this far established, smart and funny show has been axed, just as it was getting a whole new lease of life.

Yeah, so Richard Dean Anderson had left and two actors (Ben Browder and Claudia Black) were brought in to add a new dynamic, even though they're still ever so slightly Farscape esque for my liking...but that's beside the point. I have been watching the new series via Limewire( have I said lately what a fantastic thing Limewire is....lots and new and old shows no waiting and no adverts!!) and the whole evil asended Oari foe with links to an ancient Arturian legend is very interesting and the banter between Vala and Daniel Jackson is highly entertaining.

One of the best episodes has to be the recent 200th edition. It was essentially a clip show but with a difference, and had me splitting my sides the whole way through with it's nods to similar genre shows, self aware references and fan recognition as well as the parody segments ( the highlight of which has to be either the Farscape or Team America rips...Richard Dean Anderson as a puppet, television gold!). How the powers that be think that this show no longer has a future is beyond me, especially with writers and directors such as the DeLuise clan....any episode by them is TV genius. I guess the likes of Lost and 24 are seen as the future of TV (struggle to see it myself but, enuh, i guess i'm just a minority viewer). At least Staragte Atlantis has been renewed for a 4th season and word on the grapevine is that Stargate SG:1 may continue is some other form (astro-projectional cerebral mind probes perhaps) so here's hoping.

In other news poor old Pulto has been demoted to a dwarf planet rather than an actual planet due to it's orbit, size, mass and other such scientific nonesense...utter pish if you ask me and i'm guessing the brains weren't thinking of the greater ramifacations here: The hundreds of Mystic Megs who advise on the influence of Pluto over Uranus who have apparently been talking out of their arse for years...who knew?

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