Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tickle Meeeeee!

Came across this yesterday which I found fairly chucklesome:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today This Blog is Brought to you by the Letter.....

It's safe to assume that the current situation of back muscle hissy and the inability to do much of anything is slowly driving me insane...well, in comparison to the regular insanity of the everyday life of me.....which is a scary thought now isn't it.

I've watched many, many films over the last few days...none of which were really that fantastic, though I did laugh until a little bit of wee came out while listening to the Chipmunks singing in Alivin and the Chipmunks....grown ups making their voices go all squeaky and then singing 50's pop hits is strangely finding my level of amusement. I've also, in the last 2-3 days, watched: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People ("Oi, Orlando, you used to be British"...ah, Simon Pegg, bless), Madagascar 2, Bedtime Stories, Marley and Me (bawled like a baby towards the end and then cringed like a presidential aide of George Dubya when he ad-libbed during a speech at the final coupla scenes...bloody Hollywood), Slumdog Millionaire (well since the whole freakin' world seemed to be harping on about it...quite right they are too)...and finally, in a moment of utter madness (I mentioned the 'slowly driving me insane' thing right?) High School Musical 3 *shudders*.....which is just truly awful....serious bunkum with no redeeming features what-so-ever, there should be some kind of injunction against Disney spewing forth such an irritatingly nauseous group of tweeny Stepford's upon minds, like, barely able to speak in, like, actual sentences.....just....Urgh....come back Annie, all is forgiven.

Having gone through Paracetamol and Ibuprofen gel I've now graduated to Voltarol Diclofenac Potassium...which, truth be told, sounds not unlike something more commonly found in the Star Wars verse, but with a little less Yoda and a little more pamphlet warnings of possible nasty sounding bodily side affects.....good times.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Springtime Sickness

They say that things happen in threes and that certainly seemed to be the case recently in the house...I had a particularly un-fun filled week feeling all disorientated and hewy thanks to a inner ear virus, just as I put in a full recovery from that mum fell ill with a nasty bugger of a bug which produced much projectile vomiting (thank god the parentals have their own bathroom) and a trip out from the doctor when the sickness hadn't abated nearly 24hrs after it started...seriously, 20 plus Technicolour yawns in a day..... it's a family record (of which, due to being a rather sickly child...I hold most). Just as mother was returning to normal, nearly a week later and fast approaching the chocolate gorging festivities...poor old father succumbed to a completely unrelated bodily hissy, equally as uncomfortable and also needing a house call

So, in the space of a little under a month I think it's safe to say we've all used up our sniffly duvet day allowance...that is until I got out of bed this morning and appeared to have pulled a muscle in my back (yes again, and in the same place too) whilst taking part in the, oh so, strenuous activity of flushing the toilet.....merely a twinge at first before I walked home from my computer course, hoping the exercise would I can't even put on my own slippers....grrrr arg!

Though on the plus side it's not like I have any pressing appointments or activities in my diary, such as a marathon, mountain trek or abseiling the Spinnaker Tower.....nope, not me.... I can't even reach across to my bedside table where my leftover Cadbury Easter egg is currently mocking me.

The day wasn't a complete loss however...on the walk back from town along the seafront, in the glorious sunny sunshine (I know it's almost becoming a heatwave...if you consider 16 degrees C warm enough to fall under the term 'heatwave') I witnessed a small child learn the hard way that pressing the 'on' button to a beach front shower thingy whilst standing directly under the nozzle leads to a drippy outfit and exasperated mother situation, though ultimately for those passersby baring witness it proved highly amusing.

In other news....The first of the Doctor Who specials was over the Easter weekend....the cast and crew went all the way to Dubai to find a desert to stick a red double decker bus in for the storyline. Overall it was a fair episode with several unnecessary characters and others perhaps needing some more screen time...namely the fly-like aliens. Like Michelle Ryan as the aristocrat thief and her Mary Poppin's like Bag-o-Stuff, could see her complementing the Matt Smith version of the Doctor but for now she's a interesting one off companion.....overall though I'm thinking the trip to the desert, the behind the scenes episode was almost more interesting than the episode itself due to the problems which occurred, was perhaps an indulgence of Russell T's which in retrospect would probably be better spent of the episode will air some when between September-November time and John Simm will most definitely be turning up in the Christmas finale according to sources.....a Master/ Doctor face off....nice.....And finally a taster of the next special:

Monday, April 06, 2009

Anyone for a Roast?

Some pictures from my little jaunt up Cocking Down yesterday afternoon....which left me salivating over thoughts of a Sunday roast with all the trimmings...can't imagine why

Hmmmm, mint sauce

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Happy Days

There was definitely a sense of summer-ness in the air today...not a cloud in the sky this afternoon and the sea was dead calm as I walked along the front. Seasonal shops and promenade stalls were open and doing brisk business selling ice creams and there was even a (very small) fair and other attractions setting up along the front.....bouncy castles, boat swings, the BIG slide and "the Astroliner" (which I have never seen before along Bognor Prom and looks a bit tacky but it apparently promises to simulate an authentic 'lift off' into space....hmmmm, let's not and say we did)...So, anyway I love days like this and the weather man is even promising a run of this type of atmospheric lush-ness....for at least the next four days anyway, so I perhaps see a South Downs walk in my future, if I can get dad, aka taxi, to give me a lift up there.....I wanna see the lambs!

In other news, something else got me all "hairs standing up on the back of the neck" excited today:

How good does that look...and it's on in 1 week and 2 days *does happy dance*