Sunday, September 21, 2008

In Brief

Hidey Ho There, and guess who's back from holiday...just a short entry as I'm tired and working my way through two if not three loads of washing....bah humbug...oh well...I had an amazing time in Cornwall and then this last weekend in London; visiting friends, hanging out and exploring on foot like the the worldwas about to be sucked into some kind of Black Hole void due to an crazy experiment by a group of mad scientists ;-)

So, I will write up everything, with pictures, just as soon as I get my own computer back, which has been rather poorly and decided to wipe everything from my hard drive and go completely kaput....dunno went I'll be able to get it sorted, or afford to get it sorted, so I may be absent from cyberspace for a little while....unless my lovely housemate Clogs lets me use her laptop for a while...I can pay in party rings?....

So anyway, watch this space.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Weird Weather and Other Gumpf

Just thought I'd share these images taken by my very good self after a recent storm which had the audacity to wake me from my slumber last Sunday at 7.20am (a time which I am very rarely accustomed too...unless still awake from the night before) anyway these are called Mammatus clouds and are an apparent rarity, especially for West Worthing...and for extra me kudos the word is derived from the Latin word for 'breast' because of the clouds hanging down appearance from the main cloud (happens to the best of us ;-) )
So, there you go...learn summit new everyday dontcha...well I'm off to pack and hopefully I shall return in a couple of weeks with a fixed computer, lots of holiday pics (hopefully less of the above stormy variety) and at last something of interest to Blog about, which doesn't involve me dealing with condescending imbeciles who can't find eggs less than 4 feet in front of them.