Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weird News

Saw this gem in the news today and thought I'd share with the group:

A judge in America took an unorthodox approach to punishing three men convicted of soliciting sex – he sentenced them to take turns standing outside the court house wearing a bright yellow chicken costume.

While standing in the chicken costumes outside the court in Painesville, Ohio, the three men must also carry a sign saying 'No Chicken Ranch in Painesville'.

This is, apparently, a reference to the World Famous Chicken Ranch, a notorious whorehouse in Nevada, where prostitution and brothels are allowed to operate under a legal framework.

Apparently another felon who called a cop a pig was punished by standing on a street corner with a pig and a sign which read 'this is not a police officer'. Genius, wish we could do that kind of thing here to say the little darlings who though it would be a fantastic idea to pee into the only water source in a town in the flooded Gloucestershire....hmm, what would be apt punishment there I wonder? answers on a postcard.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mulling Through

Sometimes feeling the way I do and the way I respond to certain things can be a right downer and completely bloody annoying. I've spent a few blue days recently, mainly because I'm missing my flatmates terribly and and still in limbo over certain results. Not to mention the completely crap excuse for a summer which is currently patronising me with episodes of sunny weather mixed with high winds and a touch of showery/thundery rain....bah humbug.

Oh, to get away to the sunny and hot beaches of Queensland or the hungry bustle of New York City....hell I'd even settle fora week in Cornwall at the moment, as long as the sun kept smiling. But alas not a hope in hell of any of the options at the mo.

Not all doom and gloom however, I did take a trip to the cinema to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the other night, it looks fantastic, very angsty, very dark and even though I knew what would happen at the end there was still a lump in my throat when Sirius died.....sniff.

Apparently the government have decided, in their wisdom, that I can have some pocket money until I gain satisfactory employment (whoop-de-doo) so the job hunting continues and I even sent off a couple of applications squeezed in during a break of my busy schedule of television watching and Internet good am I!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Here's to Stuff

I am a firm believer in the importance of ' can do so much with 'stuff' without having to spend ridiculous amounts of energy explaining yourself.

For example, today I spent my time dreaming about stuff, watching the Loose Women debate stuff, reading stuff in the daily newspaper, watch and reading Robin Hood stuff for my dissertation stuff (which is still in need of some quality researching of academic stuff so I can write stuff), I also ate stuff, drank non alcoholic fruit stuff, chatted with the rents about stuff and am currently relaxing in my room watching quality American drama stuff on the television while I converse my stuff filled day to the masses, which I know you all feel very privileged indeed.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Drunk Animals

Aww, bless those wonderful people at Disney who manage to highlight the problems of binge drinking in the animal kingdom.

I especially like the morning after monkey....we've all been there.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pinch Punch

This is now officially a non smoking zone...Ally that means you have to stub out the fag whilst reading my blog from now on...go on then.....I can still smell it....thank you.

So the rents are back from their hols in Suffolk and they brought me chocolates, oh how I love chocolates...their Thorton's to....ok so we have a Thorton's in Bognor, but somehow these Thorton's choccies are extra special.

Oooo, last in the series of Doctor Who last night and boy was it a corker or what...Captain Jack....Face of Boe....didn't see that one coming. Loved the growing up of Martha....commando Martha in fact, John Simm was excellent as the Master (the dance routine at the beginning was particularly Baz Luhrman inspired and bloody brilliant). Did I get the Saxon links during the series? Did I 'eck, Russell T makes it all a bit too subliminal in my book....I guess I'll just have to work a little harder next series.

Particularly interested in how the Christmas special will turn out...Titanic, huh....well I guess it had to happen sometime. By the by the Doctors' exclamation of What? thrice in the closing moments is the same way they ended the last series....a bit of trivia there for the dedicated.