Sunday, November 26, 2006

Watch Out....Here Be Spoilers!

The weathermen were doing their American 'let's make everyone panic for no reason' style of forecasting the other night. Informing people on the south coast of heavy rain and gusty winds, the worst storm all year, baton down the hatches, don't journey except if completely necessary etc, etc...I personally think this is all Michael Fish's fault for getting the report wrong in '87, ever since then the forecasters have been overly cautious....anyhoo I digress.

Yes, it was indeed a tad damp and blowy but, to be honest, I'm sure there was a worse wind a couple of weeks ago when Ally ate one of Josh's curries. Mercury Point is still standing (more luck than judgement there I'd wager) and no witches were killed by falling houses so for all their fancy gadgets, tech, charts and know how the weather people got it wrong.....again.

Now, to something more interesting.....and a warning for Josh....SPOILERS FOR JAMES BOND & STARGATE: peeking beyond the photo's.

Firstly, I went to see Casino Royale the other day and as I'd predicted you should never judge a book by it's cover...Daniel Craig makes, a very different but yet, outstanding James Bond.

All the elements of a typical Bond movie were present; explosive stunts, glamorous stars/ starlets, stunning locations, gun play, word play, card play and fore play....and yet there was a whole new level brought in to Bond, as a film and as a character, which will be interesting to see develop for however long Daniel Craig is contracted.....Speaking of contracts, I do hope an 'emerging from water wearing very tight swimming trunks clause' has been written into Mr. DC's for the next few movies! I needed a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy ice cream to cool down after that scene....phew!

So, that was James Bond....I was well impressed, so therefore it must be good.

Now, Stargate: much for six months, thankfully. That wonderful Country resting above the US of A (and for those of you not geographically minded, I'm referring to Canada) decided to not keep the SGA fans in suspense a moment longer and aired the next part of series 4 a few days ago. I just got caught up this evening and can once again start driving Josh crazy with the inside knowledge I have......*wrings hands in a devious fashion.*

The episode was not actually the greatest of all time, we didn't see any big battle, large or even little fight scenes between the Ancients and the Replicators, which was a shame, and there's something just not right about Jack O'Neill and Woolsey being in Atlantis (even though the banter between the two was entertaining). This however was made up for with Sheppard and McKay's Plan A, McKay's Plan B, or was that F and Ronan's Plan C.....oh, and the underwater jumperbay, I was wondering when something like that was going to show up....The city's floating on a massive ocean people and there's no boats or subs? c' mon!!

Best line of the episode has to go to Ronon who, after listening to a lengthy and rapid exposition piece about weapon capability against the Replicators (delivered by the ever capable and brilliant Mr. David Hewlett aka McKay) simply looks to Sheppard and says....'What'd he say?'....highly gigglesome, to me at least.

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