Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick note

I updated my blog today, but it was a post I started a while back, then got I to see it scroll down to 14th December....It's a good one I promise!

While you're here you may as well watch these awsome guys in action

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Absurd Tradition

In 1946 a group of demobbed servicemen were confabulating, over an alcoholic beverage, as to the best way to alleviate their boredom. These men promptly concluded a race was in order around the Bognor Regis suburb know as Pagham. Pausing at each reputable alcoholic beverage establishment they survived the 3 mile course with one member of the team disguised as a baby in a pram. If you have an inclination, if you can get to a Pagham pub on Boxing Day and if you can stand the absurdity, maybe you can witness....The A-Team.....and the Smurf team.....and the Viking team.....and, well maybe some pictorial evidence shall better example my musings:

It is all utterly ridiculous of course, but it's for charity and is a firm tradition in these 'ere parts

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Stuff

Here's an assortment of Christmas stuff....and if you're sick to death of 'Christmas stuff' there's something else for your viewing pleasure at the bottom.

Some of the festive lights in my town

Apparently I have been a very good girl this year...see following bag of swag:

Some festive funnies:

And finally for the "Bah Humbugs" amongst you I present....Totties in Towels

(Strictly speaking a blanket, but who's counting/cares)

And of course:

Again...not a towel but Jensen can wear whatever he damn well pleases.....including Liederhosen!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Musings of Merlin, Outnumbered and other such gumpf

Pray tell, how am I to amuse myself on a Saturday evening now that all the Swashes have been buckled in Merlin. Now there is a really well produced, acted and exciting show which reminded me of just how good the beeb can be in making such dramas when they really put their mind to it, and I'm looking forward to the next series....just a shame we have to wait a year....a year, I might add which is to be SGA-less and seriously lacking in Doctor Who and Torchwood, oh well I'll just have to devote my attention to the exploits of the Winchester boys....a hard job indeed, but someone has to do it.....but I digress a short overview of Merlin for those who haven't yet had the pleasure:

This cheeky chappie is Merlin....he does the magic stuff...

The brooding fella is Prince Arthur, he's the next in line to the throne and struts around Camelot in chest bearing clothing being all dashing .....

Merlin thinks Prince Arthur is an idiot and the feeling's kind of mutual...

so Arthur does things like give Merlin humiliating outfits to wear at the occasion of the year

This is Merlin's mentor Giaus who tries to keep him out of trouble by looking in books and frowning alot

Subsequently Merlin spends much of his time here....

This is King Uther, who's kind of grumpy and doesn't like the magics

He and his son don't always see eye to eye

Subsequently Arthur spends some of his time here.....

Merlin has occasion to to the Dragon in the dungeon...who likes a good yarn

Nimueh is not so much with the social skills, on account of she tries to kill everyone she meets

As is this bloke who has a 'cure for all ills'


But not to worry as Merlin and Arthur have such Heroes as this fella to save the cheerleader and save the world....oh wait, I fear my overindulged TV brain is becoming addled

So like I said....brief overview....look out for the series if it happens your way as you won't be disappointed

Speaking of attention, I found mine being somewhat distracted recently during the viewing of the family comedy Outnumbered (if you ever thought about having kids, there's a distinct possibility of a change of heart after watching this show)....anyway the parents had gone to a restaurant for a night out without the kids and were discussing aspects of their life....of which I could tell you none of, as after five or six minutes I realised I had switched my attention from the conversation at hand to the menu board behind the father character, which contained the word 'chocolate'.....I had been so busy trying to decipher the dessert, each time the scene cut to the character it was behind, that I missed the entire conversation....FYI it was 'homemade chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream'.....I know, I know, sad and slightly obsessed....but the reality is I would have lost sleep if I hadn't figured it out, though I did then rather feel the need for sustenance in the form of a galaxy bar.

And finally the following will give you and indication as to why Outnumbered is in my top TV list of late:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Meme

Okay, so I saw this on my friend Fireflymom's blog and it seemed rightly festive so I thought I'd half inch it to fill in some blogspace....fireflymom by the way has a giveaway at present to win a $20 Amazon voucher (do I get another 3 points for the secondary mention? ;-)....but I digress....onward to the ding dong Merrily's.

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags: wrapping paper....I'm not terribly proficient and at least once per wrapping session have to amend a package which had insufficient paper coverage due to my rubbish estimating skills.

2. Real tree or artificial....Artificial in our household, we've tried real in the past but the messiness so put pay to that nonsense.

3. When do you put up the tree....Um generally when we feel like it, usually a couple of weeks before Christmas....and we also have two trees, one for me to decorate and one which is all mother....what does father do? Um, drink whiskey and eat mince pies.

4. When do you take the tree down....Ah, now there's some kind of rule about this isn't there, so many days after Christmas and it's bad luck to still have the decs up ect....generally though I think ours come down in the first week of January.

5. Do you like eggnog....Actually I don't think I've ever tried the stuff, I've heard it's kinda like Bailey's which I hate so it's doubtful I'd ever try eggnog.

6. Favourite gift received.....My very own Dean Winchester and Captain Jack....oh wait that's my dream I once had a wind up toy train which had a simple figure eight track on a piece of cardboard and was quite simply the Best. Toy. Ever.

7. Hardest person to buy for....Fortunately I don't have many people to buy for at Christmas, but father can be a complete mare....the man doesn't want for much....perhaps the odd bottle of whiskey and a peaceful Christmas.

8. Easiest person to buy for....Mum I guess, as long as people keep writing murder mystery novels there'll always be a pressie under the tree for mother.

9. Do you have a nativity scene...actually we do, for as long as I can remember a simple selection of hand drawn cut-outs have put in a appearance.

10. Mail or e-mail Christmas cards....Mail, though many may end up being New Year cards

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received....There haven't been many but no doubt it would have been from one of my Aunts who ever year, although provided with a list of things I actually wanted, chose to provide me with such delights as a toy of the girlie persuasion or a bible....My sister one year received a nightie protector.....which made some granny happy when it was sent to Oxfam shortly after the holidays.

12. Favourite Christmas movie....Oooo a toughie....when I was a kid, without a doubt it was Santa Claus the Movie....things like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing were always a staple of Christmas viewing also...these days I love Scrooged and Home Alone, and have rediscovered the Box of Delights....which is all kinds of festive nostalgic fuzzies.

13. When do you start shopping.....used to be September/ November time, as I liked to be ultra organised...this year it was about a week or two ago.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present....never had to.....yet

15. Favourite thing to eat at Christmas....After, mince pies.....or, stollen...definitely Stollen....although mum's chocolate Christmas pud isn't half bad....oh lets just go with everything food-like shall we.

16. lights on the tree.....Of's electricity was free I'd have colourful sparkleys all over the house.

17. Favourite Christmas song....well my favourite carol is Carol of the Bells, song must have to be Fairytale of New York by the Pogues, the meaning of Christmas summed up by the lines #you scumbag, you maggot, you cheap lousy faggot, happy Christmas your arse, I pray to God it's our last#.....good times

18. Travel at Christmas or stay at home....totally a home festive tradition person....I did spend Christmas in Australia when I was travelling and had a fantastic time with a wonderful family but there's something a mite unsettlin' about sitting on a beach in 30 degree heat watching Father Christmas fly by in a helicopter on Christmas Eve.....nope Christmas just 'aint Christmas without low lying cloud, drizzle and sunset by 3.30pm.

19. Angel or Star on top of the tree.... Generally an Angel

20. Open Christmas Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning....Open on Christmas Eve.....sacraliedge....always Christmas day and usually after lunch....when I was a kid we were allowed to open our stockings in the morning, one present after breakfast and everything else after you know what they does to an overly excited child at Christmas, it was like some cruel and unusualform of torture.

21. Most annoying thing about this time of year.....from someone familiar with working in retail it has to be the annoying people who leave everything to the last minute and still expect to get what they want....and the fact that people in shops work really hard all December right up to late Christmas Eve and then are expected back first thing Boxing day (and Christmas day itself in some stores) because all everyone else seems to want to do it shop....grrrr, arg.

22. Favourite ornament....The reason for the two trees as earlier mentioned is because the one which stands in the conservatory has a selection of childhood ornaments, including one which is from mum's childhood (about a century ago), and one from most of the places my sister and I visited on our travels....My personal favourite is our Christopher Radko, bought in America and costing a small fortune, but looks oh so festive and prudee.

23. Favourite for Christmas dinner....I've never been one for Turkey, so a nice Roast Chicken, with all the trimmings, will do me, followed by mum's Christmas pudding natch

24. What do you want for Christmas this year.....World Peace.....and a trolley load of dvd's if Father Christmas can manage it......And my very own Captain Jack or Dean Winchester wouldn't go amiss either.

So there you go...feelin' rightly festive yet?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

World Religions....After a Fashion

Came across this little gigglesome snippet and thought I'd share:

Weekend activities

So, there are some pros to being unemployed....the obligatory lie-in, watching This Morning with Phil and Fern, the practice of 101 ways to procrastinate, the occasional constructive activity and the off the hoof outings which turn out to be rather enjoyable

My parents were going to the Christmas market in Winchester and invited me along for the ride. I've never been to Winchester before and it's quite nice, though I could have lived without the hoards of sharp elbowed Grannies and bored screaming toddlers, so next time I may visit during a less than busy time periods....The Christmas market was in the grounds of the Cathedral and was full of the expected seasonal bits and bobs in little 'log' cabins, a selection of festive smells (mmmm hot chestnuts) and the local schools' brass band playing carols in an interesting key....There was also a small ice rink (of which you couldn't take any pictures due to paranoia and probably Brussels)

Random fact of the day came from dearest father who mentioned that something is housed at the Castle area of Winchester which made me as excited as a small child on Christmas Eve, filled with Haribo and Coca-Cola......King Arthur's Round Table.....Oh yes, 'The' Round Table, as in Knights of....well a version of which has been dated to around 800 years ago....which is still pretty old in my book and, considering the legends surrounding Arthur himself, tied with the fact that Winchester was once our nations capital and has been mention in some ancient texts going by the name of never know. Interestingly the table was given a paint job during Henry VIII's reign (himself a fan of all things Arthurian....and quite possibly why the central figure bares some resemblance to the King). I find everything legendary and folklore-ish utterly enticing and provides my rather overactive imagination something to get stuck into....for example I love the idea that Arthur is somehow in hibernation and will return to defend the country at times of crisis (any day now) and the magic and mysticism surrounding the legend....and that is was all so darn long ago that no-one can really say for sure that he didn't exist. So, anyway, seeing that was the highlight of my day....that and the ridiculously large slice of deliciously gooey, moist hot chocolate fudge cake and smooth vanilla ice cream which I devoured at lunch.

Also this weekend we finished Winter Wonderlanding the house....nearly without the aid of mince pies....sacrilege.