Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cabin Fever

One thing is true I could be outdoors doing stuff instead of wyling away the days in front of the TV and laptop, moaning about the lack of decent summer schedule programming and the over use of the 'back to school at ASDA' advert ( if I hear the little darlings angelic rendition of a previously perfectly decent Queen tune I may actually explode). But I am going through my lazy period, many would suggest this has lasted the last dozen or so years, and so I reserve the right to sleep till noon, watch oodles of TV and then winge about the content....It's what I do.

There are a few exceptions to the pantsness of the summer schedules. I'm catching up on season 7 of Stargate SG:1 which I somehow missed completely when it aired originally, though not Fallen...Made sure I saw that one for the obvious Michael Shanks minus his kegs factor. Two and a Half men is also highly entertaining, the kid isn't the completely obnoxious norm so associated with such comedy skits and it's nice to see Charlie Sheen back in regular employment.

But as far as non repeats go the pickings are extremely slim....My daily dose of Home and Away (I know but I just can't stop myself, it's habit) not withstanding, Weeds on Sky One is perhaps the most interesting....It's about as dark as a dark comedy drama can go with the whole 'mother turns to drug dealing after husband dies' concept, but as it often veers dangerously towards the, some would say, controversial 'weed is good' vain and yet it somehow still maintains the moral highground with is superbly written scripts. Though it is shamefully short half an hour per episode.

There is a complete drowning of reality it the schedules which is both shameful on the programmers front and ignorant on the viewers' behalf for watching such unitelligent rubbish....It's just not engaging television in my opinion. And it's the reason that there's a lack of decent dramas and innovative shows in recent years, which is also probably the reason that Lost is oh so popular amongst everyone's brother's, mother's, aunt's, son-in-laws, best mate's, sister. Is there really a highly intelligent and all answering story arc or are they just making it up as they go along until it gets cancelled two or three years down the line when people finally give up. It's the 'grr arg' factor of modern TV.

So apart from Weeds and A Town Called Eureka (which I've followed the last few weeks, interesting concept but not completely blown away by) the shedules don't have anything fresh to offer....roll on the Autmn and the new seasons. By which time I'll be back at uni and without Sky so I won't be able to watch them anyway....bah humbug!

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