Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm Bored...Thank F**k for the Internet

Yeah so being a student is great and all that...Decent hours, interesting social events, nice people and a 3 month summer break. I tried to obtain some work for some spare cash, but when the heatwave kicked in I thought 'Nah'. So here I am halfway through the holidays with no money and in the grand tradition of British summer the weather has taken a turn for the depressing. It's August so one would assume hot and sunny, but what that actually translate to is wet, cloudy and several degrees lower than what I prefer. Even the weathermen are at it again.

Yesterday I was assured by the trusted fella at the BBC that the cloudy weather would clear by mid morning to give way to glorious clear skies and a respectable temperature of 24 degrees. Great I thought, I can get back on my bike and explore another local route and re-top-up my tan which I'm sure has been flaggin in recent days.

So I wake up at 9.30am eager to get out of the house, fresh air and countryside awaiting...I opened my curtains and what greeted me was a little different to the previous nights forecast...okay it was a lot different...grey skies, a stiff breeze and rain!! The weather girl on Channel five at midday even had the gall to say that the southcoast was enjoying another glorious day with unbroken sunshine and temps into the mid 20's?!? Which leaves me to conclude that she's either a.) blind, b.) deluded or c.) pre-recorded.

Due to the bad conditions and lack of me getting sunshine my hap-o-metre is on the decline, that and the fact that all three of my aunts forgot my birthday this year family eh? though I did have a bit of a DVD-a-thon which i haven't done in ages; randomly getting through Mr. & Mrs. Smith (love the action sequences), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (love Johnny Depp) and Warlords of Atlantis (God bless Doug McClure), oh and the entire collection of Eerie Indiana (why oh why was this show cancelled it was cleverly self knowledgeable, wacky and full of cameos....It would be in the top 10 if it were on TV now).

Oh I did manage to get out of the house a couple of days ago to a nice little area in Dorset called the Blue Pool....Which is an old quarry filled with water to make a pool which is....Well....Blue. Bless our ancestors for their 'as it says on the tin' way of describing things. Me and the rents had wander, took some pics, had an outrageously overpriced snack and then came home the scenic route, via the new forest, in which a horse bolted right in front of the car and came so close to crashing into my window that for the rest of the journey home I had two spots of snot from his nostrils partially obscuring my view, and an equally uncomfortable package in my undercarriage (joking...Or am I)

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