Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bluebells at Slindon

A bank holiday is imminent, which means an inevitable end to the very pleasant spring weather we've recently been enjoying.  A little jaunt to some local woodland provided a nice little walk and prudee scenery.

Monday, April 19, 2010

"Don't Move! You're Surrounded by Armed Bastards!"

Actually quite giddy, as I just met one of the best talents on British TV.  He attended a talk at a local University and, as non students were allowed to go, I grabbed up a couple of tickets.

Charming, hilarious and with a potty mouth his alter ego would be proud of, Philip Glenister, aka Gene Hunt, talked about his acting career thus far and some of the hijinx behind the scenes of  Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes (Anyone who hasn't seen either series should go and purchase the boxsets forthwith....Josh) one story of a scene involving the cast, a bunch of naked blokes and, shall we say, one rather over excited extra and a bucket of awkward had the crowd in fits of giggles.

Something in the Air

In news somewhat difficult to escape there is an ash cloud sitting over the UK causing various amounts of disruption to air travel, as in there ain't any...great if you happen to live next to Heathrow or under a flight path, not so much if you had a wedding planned in St. Lucia, were planning to return to the UK after an Easter holiday in the sun or, in the case of some of my con buddies, were in attendence at a Stargate convention in Vancouver and are now stuck there...can someone give McKay a bell?

Anyhoo, want to see the ominous ash cloud which has pilots shaking in their fashionable loafers:

Oooo, scary

The only thing invading my airspace yesterday was the dozens of BBQ's lining the seafront area.  It does however make for quite the spectuacular sunset: