Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Top TV Moment

I saw the funniest advert the other day; starts with a pastey white bloke trying, in vain, to do up a pair of swim shorts and cuts to various people doing mundane, everyday type things staring out of the window. The next thing you know the sunshine which was behind a very big black cloud, starts to make an appearance and then all hell breaks loose. People start to crowd into every inch of sunshine in cities and on the beaches. A woman hurriedly slaps on sunscreen to a bunch of brats, people jump into the sea and the streets are suddenly filled with ice cream vans dashing every which way, then everyone looks skyward as the sun disappears back behind the cloud. The pastey white bloke doesn't even make it outside in time for the fun...and the moral of the story...

The Great British Summer!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thought of the Day

Was reading an article in the paper yesterday about Big Brother and spotted a cartoon which made me ponder. The picture was of Lea and although completely unflattering I couldn't argue that it was a total untrue. Also I saw an uncanny resemblance with a character in one of my all time favourite movies, Labyrinth, and no it wasn't Jennifer Connolly. There was a second character which also struck a resemblance, I believe the name was Tiddler from the Riddlers. Anyway I'll let you decide which ones were separated at birth so to speak.

In other news:

ugliest dog in the world...I dunno think it's kinda cute myself!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Shabaz Has Left the Building

Okay, firstly thank F**k for that, I guess he managed to figure out where the door was after all, now maybe we can see what the other housemates are made of.

Moving swiftly on...I read in the paper today that a teacher in Cardiff claimed that kids are being resourceful by using a high pitched ringtones to get around being caught texting in class. Apparently the tone can't be picked up by the ears of the older generation. How I miss the days before mobile phones in school, we came up with much more resourceful ways to communicate in class, and occasionally we also used the most obvious one...Our voice (doh!)

And finally there's 135 Big Brother 'Golden Tickets' available on eBay. Now I'm no Carol Vorderman, but since there's only 100 actual Golden Tickets in existence somethin' just don't add up. Could it be these poor gullible saps bidding are so desperate for...Ahem... 'fame' that they are in fact bidding for Kit Kat bars (retail price around 40p)....Surely no-one is that dumb (raises eyebrow)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Rainy Days

Boy I hate this weather...I'm sooooooo not a wet and windy kind of person, bring on the sunshine already else I'm going to stowaway on a cargo ship bound for the tropics.

In other news Shabaz has completely lost the plot in the Big Brother house (yes I know I said I hate BB, but it's like a bloody car wreck and I just can't help myself), he's crying over pretty much everything and thinks he's starring on the Prisoner (if you don't like it mate then I'm sure you can figure out where the door is!). Though it was quite funny when Pete spat in his eye tonight. Oh ans as far a Sezer the Sleazer one thinks he doth protest too much.

And finally after researching and writing a 2,000 word essay on the subject (you'd think I'd be bored by now) I've started watching Firefly again from the beginning. Oh how I love and miss that show, it's 'Shiny' . It should be taught as part of the national curriculum and that also goes for Nathan Fillion's arse (the great and powerful Emma has spoken!)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Terry 'The Bloody Legend' Wogan!

Watched the Eurovision Song Contest this evening....was sod all else on, and there was a kind of an Ireland vs Great Britain vs Switzerland thing going on in the flat (Great Britain coming last as usual). Anyway Terry Wogan's commentary was spot on as usual, just the right amount of sarcasm for the countries which insist on voting for each other instead of the song, which is basically all of them in the eastern block.

Well done Finland by the way, not really my cuppa tea, but rock on!

Oh in other news the BBC was taken over during the National Lottery by Father's for Justice (what's left on 'em anyway) which was quite entertaining til the beeb pulled the plug on proceedings, don't think that's ever happened on the lottery before.

And finally heard the best line on BB (Big Brother) this evening during an argument (and yes they've only been in the house two days) said by Sezer aka Sleazer and went something like 'you're so far up your own arse, you've mistaken your bowel movement for someone who cares,' Think the bloke's a complete prat personally but touché with that comment.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Memory Lane

SFX magazine had an article about the best Sci-Fi/children shows of the 1980's, which was a trip down memory lane. Essentially the programmes where from the first half of the 1980's so there was a few there which didn't ring any bells....but who could forget Metal Mickey, the Adventure Game, Tripods or Chocky!!

Part two which is 1985-1989 is next month and I expect a mention about Moondial.

In the same mag there was an article about the possible Americanization of the excellent Life on Mars. BBC America have the rights to show the sci-fi cop drama, but it is also to receive a make over to better to appeal to US audiences. Could be interesting I guess but personally I think they're just jealous that they didn't come up with this corker themselves!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Here We Go Again

Time for THE most shallow, pointless, annoying, false, constructed programme on the face of the planet...yes people, we're talking Big Brother. Heavens above, why oh why is this show still going. Does anyone actually care about these self obssessed, opinionated, plonkers!

' show me nice people, Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Bob Geldof, those are nice pople...everyone else are Bastards.'

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

101 Ways to Remove a Jenga Brick

Ally invited a 'few' friends over last night to celebrate the end of her course for the year and my reading for my current essay was put on hold to play various bouts of Jenga whilst drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

The games got shorter and shorter, funnily enough, as the empty bottles piled up on the counter and bored with the conventional methods of removing the bricks in the game Dan decided to try various, and much more entertaining methods, examples mainly involved teeth but other methods are better left unsaid, though are more of a 12A certification.

It was an extremely enjoyable night, even if Nat had to get an abridged version this morning since her memory was a little sketchy, the drunken bum.

I have pics on my phone but have no idea on how to transfer them, but I'm sure you can use you imagination.

In other news, Home & Away is all tense and dramalike at the mo; a cult have brainwashed Tash, Kim's in a drug induced coma, Flynn's dying of cancer and has just received a massive electric shock...Oh and there's a cyclone which has materialized out of nowhere and descended on the community causing powercuts and chaos and life threatening situations......just an average day in Summer Bay then. It is indeed cheesey and far fetched but it's entertaining teatime viewing all the same.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

That's Better!

Ahhh, was having trouble with my template, kept putting all my details at the bottom for some unknown reason so I've had a change.

Clogs came to visit for the day/last night. We went to the flicks with Nat to see Slither. Not a bad horror pastiche to be honest. Nathan Fillion was good, he does the whole 'normal person reaction' thing well. I liked the movie purely for the amount of the shameless rip offs from other horror flicks, it was a kind of how many can you spot in one movie; The Blob, Critters, Night of the Living Dead and best of all Society (which to be honest I only watched when I was younger purely because Billy Warlock was in it) to name a few. So anyway, I enjoyed the movie, not sure if Nat did though, bit jumpy for for poor wee lass, popcorn kernels kept landing on my head thoughout.

The next day (aka today) we went out round the shops in Southampton and had a lovely lunch in the Hogs Head in town, I gorged on a steak burger and a chocolate melt pudding, which was Homer droolingly luscious!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Time Managment People!!

I really have to stop leaving everything up to the last minute...My time management sucks big term at the moment and yet again I pulled and all nighter to get my uni work in on time. I know, I only have myself to blame, it's not like I have a part time job so I should have tons of tie to get stuff done, but it's amazing how much time you can waste in a day when you have a lot of time to waste in a day.

I have one more project and an exam (well timed essay, but same dif) in this my second year and then I'm really gonna have to pull my socks up....i'm 69% is all fine and goof all the time I'm cramming in all the work in 24 hr sessions but imagine what I could do if I actually started things earlier!!! and I have to pass this sucker with a 1st!

God am i tired!!! my eyes are sore (part tired part hay fever) and i should probably have something other than two galaxy mini's for dinner.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lost? Absolutely!

I must be the only person in the World who doesn't seem to appreciate Lost. The overly long and seemingly increasing use of flashbacks for back story is irritating and, I find, boring. Whilst the huge cast make it difficult to relate to any given character or follow their particular story arc, since they can often be missing for several episodes in a row. Oh, and there's the multiple, and by Multiple I mean a stupid amount of, plots which the scriptwriters will have a tough time keeping track of and that may never have any resolution, since I predict viewers will ultimately tire of the lack of conclusions and start switching off by season 4.

It is I suppose different viewing in a comeback, of sorts, for the television drama, but, personally, Life on Mars and Hustle are much more entertaining, eventhough it is utterly shameful that they only have a 6 to 8 episode run, against the seemingly endless 20 something for Lost (reminiscent of the 80's cartoon Mysterious Cities of Gold and who can remember how that one turned out?!)

Don't take my word for it, however, as the resident columnist in the Daily Mirror also harbours my theory on the confusibility of this apparent award winning American drama. http://www.mirror.co.uk/tvandfilm/shelleyvision/

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Top Weekend Updated

What it says on the tin, I've updated the entry with a couple of pics...Thanks to Clogs for that one.

Ghostwatch Redux

Had a vid night on Thurs night after a busy day and settle in with Ally, Nigel and Nat to watch Ghostwatch, the infamous BBC hoax production from Halloween 1992, and I'm pleased to say it stands the test of time.

For those who don't know the plot, Ghostwatch was centered around a family, a mother and two daughters, who were taking part in a 'live' evening of ghosthunting at their house. Sarah Greene was the reporter on the scene with, the ever reliable, Michael Parkinson in the studio taking phonecalls and talking with the resident expert. There are various incidents of bumps and other sounds throughout the programme which represent the evil 'Pipes' ghost, who seems to live in the cupboard under the stairs. Things come to a head when it's discovered that the airing of the programme has created a mass seance and let the evil 'Pipes' loose on the world. Chaos ensues in the studio and at the same time Sarah Greene is dragged into the cupboard under the stairs, never to be seen again, after which Parky turns all Linda Blair and talks to camera in a strange voice....end transmission.

Apart form the slightly dodgy acting from the mother character and the inability to take Craig Charles seriously, the prog is surprisingly scary. 'Pipes' pops up from time to time in the background throughout the programme and that whole 'figure hidden in the shadows' sends an shiver down your spine. Then there's those damn cats...now I'm a cat lover, but towards the end, the sound of disembodied cats resounds throughout the house and again in the studio when 'Pipes' takes over. It's all about what you don't see or what you think you can see, and this creates a truly creepy and sometimes freakyily atmospheric piece of TV. Just ask Ally who refused to look at the screen when 'Pipes' put in an appearance in the kids bedroom, hiding in the curtains.

I was slightly unnerved also with the prospect of walking down the darkened corridor back to my bedroom, me the TV & Film student who's seen Ghostwatch before, twice!....come to think of it I shat myself then too!

We even had to put on a second DVD that evening to lighten the mood a little before going to bed, namely D.A.R.Y.L, and that was Nigel's idea...yes Nigel, a soldier, defender of our country, hardened fighter and trained to kill,which he claims was purely for the benefit of us girls, naturally ;-).

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's Gone Sunny Again...Yay!

Has been a little while so I thought I'd post an update. Watched Doctor Who at the weekend which had enough new detail to not be a carbon copy of Dark Seasons but since Russell T was paying homage to K-9 I thinks it's safe to say there was a nod to his previous genius from 1991 also. K-9's voice, and it was the original guy apparently, was nauseatingly annoying so I kind of hope that's the last we see of the, so obviously a plastic box on top of a remote controlled car, wee dog.

Saw the huge boat, Freedom of the Seas, which was docked in Southampton over the weekend. A cruise ship which is bigger than the QEII and apparently has the worlds only onboard surf pool. There was a great firework display in honor of the thing monday night which was cool. If you were to stand the ship on it's end it would be as tall as the Eiffel tower, apparently.

I got home from Uni today to find Nigel in the lounge posing for photographs wearing nothing but a white shirt, frilly knickers and a pair of fish net stockings....he's a defender of our country don't you know!