Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Another year, another birthday, another stack of dvd's...which should keep me quiet till at least the next two...maybe three days...and a half.

Fortunately it wasn't all about sitting on my arse since the weather had improved greatly over the last few days it was decided that myself and the rents would spend the day in the New Forest...walking, making friends with the roaming ponies, the usual Enid Bylton esque lark which I enjoy. This was in theory a good plan..walks had been organised, picnic had been prepared...we were good to go. Then we watched the weather forecast last night...sun had been Mon, Tues and Wed and would continue Fri, Sat & Sun, but in the grand tradition of 'stomp on Emma's fun' day Thurs was to be rain for a good portion of the day.....Bah humbug.

After some deliberation it was decided that the New Forest should be skipped today....I hate the rain...instead dad and I decided a shorter and more local walk was to be the order of the day.

With the picnic pre-prepared, and a little research, we wandered to Slindon and a lovely little track along fields, through woods (in which we saw the back end of three deer), dodged some sheep, climbed a hill and, on a personal note, got stung by a stinging nettle. In no particular order see pics:

On the return home I undid all the good calorie burning, muscle toning and heart pumping healthy stuff by eating a slice of my very unhealthy but, oh so, delectable rich chocolaty and home-made (well out of packet) birthday cake....yum!


Dan said...

Happy birthday emma! glad you found a nice walking spot, it looks like a nice area. Steady on with the cake! what would natty say!?

Emma said...

don't worry the evidence will be long gone before natty finds out

joshstudio said...

Happy Birthday Em's. Sry I didn't phone. I had it down on my calendar as today and didn't read ur txt until midnight :S Whoops. I hope you had a nice day! I'll give you a ring soon ;D