Friday, August 10, 2007

Things That Go Bump

It is widely known that I am definitely a nocturnal person. I enjoy the absolute peace and quiet associated with the twilight hours and can ponder the meaning of life to my hearts content without possibility of interruption...apart from perhaps the laboured breathing/snorting/foghorn like sound emanating from my fathers nostrils and throat across the hall, around a corner and through two closed doors.

So it was that last night I had enjoyed immensely the film Mirrormask...a wonderfully visual fantasy adventure which mixes some great British talent with Jim Henson productions. Followed by a little light reading; Torchwood: Border Prince and starting for the second time Wilbur Smith's Warlock.

In retrospect the three pieces of dark chocolate Toblerone had been a mistake, even though ingested at 9:30pm it was still making my heart race after 1am (yes, I know I'm turning into my mother). Still I settled into a fantasy inspired dreamy sleep shortly after curled up hugging Barnaby the bear and Bertie the duck.

It is not unusual for me to be disturbed by the local wildlife outside, especially in the summer month (s) and I will often watch the foxes playing underneath my window. So at 3am (ish) and upon hearing a scratching sound I sat up and searched the area outside for the little scamps. I was surprised at not being able to locate the critters, instead I searched for hedgehog, mice or even a rabbit has been known in the area.....nothing, so I gave up and settle back to sleep. My head had just hit the pillow when the scratching sound came through again. Frustrated I was determined to find the cause, keeping still I listened intently and realised that the sound was coming from inside my room.

Being the brave and inquisitive soul that I am I switched on my lamp and the light fell upon the biggest, hairiest and most grotesque looking spider I have ever seen, having more than a little trouble walking across the coving on the far side of my room. Now I'm not aracnophobic, but this huge creature stilled and I became convinced it was eyeing me (times...god knows how many) up for a midnight snack.

At this point I did what any person in my position would do...I called upon good old dad to eradicate the problem. He sent 'Arnie' on a white water themed holiday and for the next hour I continued with my Wilbur Smith adventure, just in case any siblings, children or extending family came looking for revenge.

Below, for those who dare, is an actual size pic of what dared into my room, so big that I had mistaken the sound it made for a fox!

Heeby Jeebes Alert......

And this sucker was still floating around the bowl the next morning...

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