Friday, August 31, 2007

Re-make? Step Away

I have just read that The Goonies, the ultimate childrens' adventure film, is to be re-made....into a cartoon series......What a load of tosh that'll be....this after I read that The Famous Five is also to be re-made with a middle-aged cast who reunite to solve a New Tricks anyone.

For heavens sake how many more classics have to be maimed before TPTB know to leave well alone.

In other news.....what's that noise? that would be the sound of shredding paperwork as I have finally handed in 'the' dissertation...hoorah! I had a Belgium Bun to celebrate, yay me.


Anonymous said...

It's the Famous Five one that scares me.

Emma said...

I know...and this after talk an age ago that The Famous Five was going to be re-made as a cartoon series....bring back the 1978 version I said...Oh wait I don't have to I still have all the videos and a DVD copy