Saturday, August 11, 2007

Family Fun Day

Well I had oodles of fun earlier that yesterday.

Chloe had invited me to a family fun day which had been organised by her work place...I was to be her 'child' for the afternoon. It was all very jolly; ham sarnies, fruit, pastry bites, cubed cheese, cheese straws, Pom Bear crisps, skips and the most delectable chocolate iced cup cakes (of which I had several...I'm hoping the plum and handful of grapes I also had will counteract them).

For entertainment there was music via dodgy single speaker, Frisbee, footie and flailing on the knock off balance beam...and also bouncing, balancing and bloody awful (on my part) agility on various inflatables.

The favourite of mine, which was very Chegger's Plays Pop (with a little less pop and, thankfully, a lot less Cheggers) was the inflatable assault course. Things like this were just not around in my deprived 80's childhood and so I flung myself (quite literally) into the fray.

You start with a hole which I dived through only to get stuck between the based of that and the small hill which you have to dive dive over was more a belly flop....landing very ungainly at the base of the taller hill.....most unladylike climbing with aid of a knotted rope grants me the top vantage point and slide down the canvas....a tumble through a second hole smashes my face into the side of the 'tunnel'....I dive though the tunnel and land in a very undignified and flailing lump on the bouncy finish, shortly followed by an uncontrollable bouncy roll off the safe zone and onto hard grass.

After the humiliation, twisted limbs, possible flashing of knickers and a canvas burn in a place you would really rather not have one, a six year old sails through said course with the ease and agility of a Olympic gymnast. (only to take a nasty tumble over a leg which spasmed at the exact moment he happened to walk past after his commendable performance.)

My inner moppet not one to be out done by an actual moppet, I persevered, gaining less in speed, but more in the end of five hours, with a twisted ankle, rope burn and a very bad hair day, I was exiting the tunnel with a near perfect commando roll.

In your face cocky little g....insert appropriate description on comment page.

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