Monday, August 20, 2007

Arctic Expedition: Top Gear Style

Just been watching Top Gear: Polar Special during which team 'Oafish Buffoons' (now there's a term which I should use more often) attempt to travel across the Arctic in a big red 4x4 using sat nav...yes driving to the North Pole...only Clarkson and May would come up with that.

In competition with Richard 'The Hamster' Hammond, taking the traditional dog sled approach, the idea is to see who gets there first and, more to the point, who doesn't get eaten by Polar bears/fall through the ice/ turn into a presenter Popsicle etc, etc

Mightily hearty entertainment is most certainly've got tough cars, utterly amazing scenery, endurance and the kind of trials and tribulations which could only present themselves via the Bean esque Top Gear Team, such as the most tedious game of eye spy ever....eye spy with my little eye something beginning with 'S'.....Snow.....and when fixing a crevasse bridge in below freezing conditions it's probably not the best idea to put a metal nut between your lips for safe keeping Mr Clarkson.


Chloe said...

Will they repeat it?

Emma said...

I fear that was the repeat, due to the fact it was on in early hours of the morning and the wee man in the corner doing sign language...apparently deaf people only watch TV at stupid o'clock, who knew?

It'll probably show up on UKTV Gold at some point, or BBC Three for that matter....I missed the beginning so I'd like to see it again.

joshstudio said...

Haha. Yeh. What's that all about. They should like make a channel that runs paralell for the hard of hearing and deaf.