Sunday, July 29, 2007

Weird News

Saw this gem in the news today and thought I'd share with the group:

A judge in America took an unorthodox approach to punishing three men convicted of soliciting sex – he sentenced them to take turns standing outside the court house wearing a bright yellow chicken costume.

While standing in the chicken costumes outside the court in Painesville, Ohio, the three men must also carry a sign saying 'No Chicken Ranch in Painesville'.

This is, apparently, a reference to the World Famous Chicken Ranch, a notorious whorehouse in Nevada, where prostitution and brothels are allowed to operate under a legal framework.

Apparently another felon who called a cop a pig was punished by standing on a street corner with a pig and a sign which read 'this is not a police officer'. Genius, wish we could do that kind of thing here to say the little darlings who though it would be a fantastic idea to pee into the only water source in a town in the flooded Gloucestershire....hmm, what would be apt punishment there I wonder? answers on a postcard.

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