Monday, March 27, 2006

The Quirky World of Australian Soap I hate to return to this soap once again but the goings on in the Neighbours street are getting a little bizarre, so you have the regular type storylines, Janae worrying whether she has an STD and the various up/down relationships (currently the most interesting is the one between Toadie and Connor which sees them morphing into Lou and Harold) but then there was today's episode, which actually intergrated a musical number between Ned and Sky (oh and here's a piece of trivia; for those who don't already know Ned was the winner of Australia Idol and the guy who plays his brother Stuart was runner up of their version of Big Brother). So then Neighbours: The Musical?

Then there is of course Home and Away, the show which bought us dead people morphing out of a fridge now has dead people making Irene dinner, in scenes not too disimilar from a Sixth Sense ( though without the angry ghosts and the missing back of the head of a teenage boy). So obviously Irene is in somekind of complete mental breakdown, but it makes truely bizarre viewing. Then there was the closing credits when, after just witnessing the dinner with dead people scene, I voiced my slightly confused state by saying that it was a bit freaky...cut in announcers voiceover 'Freaky....absolutely'. I was like a scene from the Turman Show people!

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