Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thorpe Park Fun

My flatmate Ally's birthday is actually today but we decided a trip to Thorpe Park was is order whilst everyone was around. It was great fun, f**kin' freezing but great fun. We went on most things and I screamed and laughed alot....oh and we managed to not get stuck on the Slammer ride which a ton of people were stuck on for an hour in close to freezing temps when it broke down (oops).

The day went something like....up at stupid o'clock to drive up to Thrope Park, stood in a queue as it tried to snow getting tickets (eventhough we'd booked online), got in and headed straight for Vortex (a huge pengelum thingy which scared the crap out of me), stood in a queue for 45mins to go on Colossus (a rollercoaster with 9 or 10 twists one after the other), went inside to get warm and eat lunch, watch the other nutters of the gang go on Stealth (0-80 in 2.3 sec then up 205ft followed immediately by the drop!), across to nemesis Inferno (like the one in Alton Towers but better),Nat and I did the Monkee walk (badly) while the others tried their luck in the amusements, watched the gang go on the rapids (it was barely above freezing with a windchill which chilled us to the bone and Nigel wants to go on a ride which you get soaked...I don't think so), back on nemesis Inferno, back on Stealth (again I was a bit chicken/chief photo taker) then home.

After that wicked day, and after we thawed out, it was back to the flat for drinks, snacks and the opening of Ally's pressies....the only problem was that we were all a bunch of lightweights and slightly windburnt so we were all nodding by midnight....still we have copeous amounts of alcohol for a rainy day!


Chloe said...
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Chloe said...

I'm rubbish ignore me! It's cool you had fun!