Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Top Weekend!

As it says on the tin.....saw Editors, whom I previously knew nowt about but absolutely rocked! then back to the flat where there was copious amounts of alcohol and a drinking game in full swing. The pics (of publishing quality) will be posted when I manage to scrounge copies of folk; highlights include trolley surfing, lift streaking and what is best described as socks...only a select few have the inside knowledge on that one!

In other news Life On Mars finished it's meger 8 episode run on Mon night, not that I'm complaining about the show because it's the dogs but 8 episodes, come on people, throw some funding Kudos' way already would ya! roll on the next season! at least there's still Prison Break and Supernatural to take away the post life on Mars blues.

Just remembered I forgot it was pancake day today.....poo....then again I had waaaay too much choc stuff over the to get me some bifidus digestivum!

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Chloe said...

"Can I have a cup of sugar?"