Saturday, March 11, 2006

The return of Hustle

Yes, the best show by far on the box returned last night and was quite an event in our flat, as we all bundled into Ally's room with eats and drink to enjoy the show. The storylines are as tight as ever, with a great performance from Mel Smtih by the way, and yet again I was wondering how on earth the team were going to get out of this complete f**k up with all their teeth (I have a feeling that the white haired bloke who was the original target might make another appearance toward the end of the series). And bless his heart if Eddie the barman didn't go and get in on the hustle for once, before being fleeced by the gang yet again. To sum up then; great writing, great acting, brilliantly edited ( and I love those frozen time sequences)....Here's to the next few weeks of top entertainment.

In other news, the cold has pretty much gone and, even more importantly, food no longer closely resembles the consistency of cardboard, I managed to write a 1,000 word essay in one night, we're going to Thorpe Park for Ally's 21st in a coupla weeks....And just when exactly did Grange Hill turn into Hollyoaks for the under 15's (it's just all gone terribly wrong there somewhere).

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