Saturday, March 25, 2006

Four Words!

Harry Hill's TV Burp.....excuse me but just what were ITV thinking, I admit I'm not really a Harry Hill fan, he just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid, but what on Earth is this mediocre comic doing on a prime time Saturday night viewing slot with a serious dodgy and totally unfunny look at the weeks television. For half an hour the viewer is subjected to canned laughter and, dare i say, applause for satirical examples from the soaps, odd dialogue, corny plots and bad acting for example (which anyone who watches soaps is not unaware of especially in the case of Corrie) but then there is also these ridiculous comedic, and i use the term extremely loosely, skits featuring Hill himself which are not only unfunny but have an element of the uncomfortable and the cringeworthy which I really don't think the British public should be subjected too.....Yes of course I could have changed the channel but Saturday night viewing is notoriously crap and my other choices at the time were: 'All time greatest movie songs', 'Flog It!', 'Supernanny' (a repeat) and 'Everbody Hates Chris' (also a repeat....which by the way is a whole other blog entry waiting to be written!) in conclusion I say 'come back Bullseye all is forgiven!'.

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